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green SERVPRO van sitting in the driveway in front of a tan stucco house

We Responded Quickly To Help Houston After The Winter Storm

The SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island team was quick to respond to the storm damage in Houston.  As part of the SERVPRO Large Loss Recovery Team, we have the trained team members and a broad inventory of recovery and mitigation equipment to begin addressing damage in homes and large commercial structures.  Many Texas residents  will be dealing with the devastation from the winter storms and for a long time. We’re glad we can help them begin to return to normal. 

Fire and soot damage in a building

Naples Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

Recently a Naples commercial client had a fire in their facility. Our team was quick to the scene to begin fire damage restoration. We offer both residential and commercial properties effective fire debris removal, cleaning, air filtration, odor removal, and other efficient mitigation solutions that can save you time and money on restoring your Naples commercial property after a fire.

A SERVPRO truck in a driveway

Water Damage in Marco Island

Water damage can quickly impact your Marco Island area home or business, presenting many challenges for our qualified restoration technicians. We provide effective extraction solutions for standing water and drying approaches for saturated home goods. We will work quickly to remove threats in your home after water damage has occurred. From Marco Island to Naples, call us for a fast response. 

A school gym with SERVPRO equipment and plastic sheeting on the walls.

Fast Response to Hurricane Laura Commercial Storm Damage Restoration

As part of a Large Loss Recovery Team, we traveled to Lake Charles LA to help in the Hurricane Laura recovery efforts. The storm tore apart homes and businesses and knocked out power to nearly one million customers in Louisiana and Texas. Our highly trained team has experience with previous storms and disaster relief scenarios across the country. We’re glad we could do our part to help. 

Two SERVPRO vehicles in a driveway with homes with roof damage.

Fast Response To Naples Fire Damage

Our SERVPRO team, arrived quickly after a fire in Naples. When a fire breaks out in your Naples area home or business, you need fast service to begin the process of restoring the property to pre-fire condition. We’re ready to handle all aspects of fire damage and offer effective solutions to speed up the recovery after the fire. 

A SERVPRO vehicle parked in front of a building.

Commercial Fire Damage Response in North Naples.

Our highly trained team recently responded to a commercial fire damage call in North Naples.  We have the expertise and equipment to handle all facets of fire damage and offer effective solutions to overcome fire damage hazards. Our SERVPRO team will assess the damage and provide a plan to restore it "Like it never even happened.” Call us first for fast response to commercial fire damage in the Naples area.  

Two SERVPRO vehicles parked in front of a hotel.

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration in Naples

Fire damage can be devastating for a commercial property in the Naples and Marco Island area. In addition to the fire and smoke damage, water damage from firefighting efforts is very common.  Our team includes water and fire damage restoration experts that can respond immediately to help get you ‘back in business’. Call the team from SERVPRO of Naples/Marco for a fast response to fire damage in Naples.

Car with fire and soot damage.

SERVPRO responds quickly to Fire Damage in Naples

Structural concerns are only the beginning of the damage that widespread fire loss in Naples can cause. After the fire trucks leave, your residential or commercial property likely suffers from smoke and fire damage as well as water damage from firefighting efforts. Our SERVPRO restoration professionals have the specialized fire training needed to restore your Naples area home or business to pre-fire condition. We even offer solutions for yachts, boats and cars that have suffered the effects of fire loss.

Water Damage – Naples Home

Water damage at this Naples home was hidden behind the wall. It is common for homes and commercial properties to have water lines and drain lines running through wall cavities and above the ceilings. SERVPRO of Naples / Marco industry certified technicians are equipped with hi-tech equipment like infrared cameras. Tools like this allow them to pinpoint the source of water damage minimizing how much of a wall or ceiling needs to be torn out to facilitate repairs. This saves lots of time and money for our clients.

Water Damage – Naples Home

Water damage at this Naples home was the result of a burst water line to the ice maker in the refrigerator. The incident left standing water on the hardwood flooring. The owners of the home knew they had to get the water cleaned up quickly to prevent lasting damage to the flooring. SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island provides 24/7 emergency service and could respond immediately. Our industry certified technicians would employ a floor mat drying system to remove the moisture that had been trapped between the wood planks and beneath the planks. The vacuum mats draw out the moisture which is replaced with dry ambient air to complete the drying process.

Marco Island Storm-Related Flooding

The dislodged pipe burst flooding the room in Marco Island with water. When SERVPRO technicians show up fast, we can move the exercise equipment out of harm's way before we begin the water removal. We try to save whatever contents we can; we owe it to our customers.

Odor Removal in Fort Lauderdale

How do you remove the smokey odor from a fire?  SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island has IICRC technicians trained to eliminate odors. We also utilize technology such as the ozone chamber to remove and deodorize your belongings.

In the event of a fire or other odor-causing source, call SERVPRO to neutralize the odor and restore your home.

SERVPRO Can Remove Mold and Restore Your Home

Did you know that mold is prevalent in Florida? This Naples homeowner contacted us to remediate mold damage. After assessing the situation and developing a plan, we first removed the flooring and baseboards and then eliminated the mold. 

With the heat and humidity, mold is a common issue in the south, and we have the expertise to remove it.  Call SERVPRO 24/7 if you suspect mold in your home.

Fire Damage In Marco Island

Fire damage can be very tricky to deal with and should only be handled by a professional restoration company. You need our team because we have the training and equipment to restore your home to pre-damage condition. SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island will make it “Like it never even happened.”

Naples Commercial Building Meets a Storm

Stormwater that enters and floods a commercial area of office suites often requires extensive demolition and cleanup. Whether in Naples or Marco Island, you can count on SERVPRO to safely remove the contaminated building materials including the wallboard and insulation. Once dried, we can spray an antimicrobial product for sanitizing.

Commercial Duct Cleaning In Fort Myers

Our crew was contacted regarding a commercial cleaning emergency at a property in Fort Myers. A build-up of dust, pollen, and other contaminants clogged this vent. We worked quickly to clean all the dust and debris off and return it to pre-damage condition. The advantages of having your HVAC unit serviced include restoring peak energy efficiency, eliminating offensive odors, and reducing the potential for mold growth. Contact our team at SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island if your HVAC and air ducts need to be cleaned.

Contents Cleaning After Fire Damage In Naples

Our crew at SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island responded to a fire damage emergency at a property in Naples. Since our team is ready and available 24/7 we were able to arrive quickly and begin the restoration process. Our experts restored this property to pre-damage condition and made it “Like it never even happened.”

Residential Mold Cleanup In Miles City

Our crew responded to a mold damage emergency at a home in Miles City. Our team worked fast to remove the mold infestation. Our mold remediation technicians were able to restore their home to pre-damage condition. Mold doesn't stand a chance against our team at SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island.

Naples Commercial Mold Remediation

Our team responded to a commercial mold damage emergency at a property in Naples. Our team arrived quickly and started the remediation process right away. We used state-of-the-art mold remediation equipment to restore this commercial property to pre-damage condition. When mold plagues your property, you need the team at SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island to assist you.

Storm Damage In Naples Manor

If your home experiences storm damage you need help from a professional restoration company like SERVPRO. We will arrive quickly which will prevent secondary damage and reduce your cost. SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island has the storm damage experience and equipment to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Mold Damage Removal In Naples

Our team was contacted about a mold damage emergency at a property in Naples. We responded quickly to asses the damage and created a mold remediation plan. Our specialists used state-of-the-art mold remediation equipment to restore this home to pre-damage condition. If your Naples home has a mold infestation, you need to contact the professionals at SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island immediately.

Port Charlotte Fire Damage Restoration

Unattended stove top cooking can lead to a flare-up resulting in significant fire damage. This kitchen in Port Charlotte experienced a short, heated burst of flames that burned the microwave, left debris on the glasstop range, and deposited a coating of smelly, protein smoke residue on cabinets and other surfaces. Not to worry with SERVPRO technicians on the scene to soon seal the arched entrance to contain the circulation of odors. With specialized sponges, detergents, and a hydroxyl generator, we can swiftly make our customer feel "Like it never even happened."

Fire Damage Cleanup In Naples

Our team at SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island responded to a fire damage emergency at a property in Naples. We responded quickly and began the restoration process. The property will be restored to pre-damage condition by our team of highly trained and certified fire restoration technicians. SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island will make it “Like it never even happened.”

Water Damage Repair In Marco Island

Locating hidden water is not a fun surprise! When water damage has infiltrated your home, there is one company to contact, and that is SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island. Our highly certified and trained water restoration technicians will use advanced water inspection, extraction, and drying equipment to restore your home to pre-damage condition. “Like it never even happened.”

Naples Manor Water Damage Restoration

Our team recently responded to a water damage emergency to a property in Naples. Our highly trained and certified water restoration technicians arrived at the property quickly and immediately began the restoration process. We restored the property to pre-damage condition using state-of-the-art water inspection, extraction, and drying equipment. “Like it never even happened.”

Mold Damage Restoration In Marco Island

A homeowner recently contacted us regarding a mold damage issue. Pictured are two of our highly trained mold remediation technicians hard at work. Our technicians used specialized mold remediation equipment to restore the property to pre-damage condition. SERVPRO has the equipment, experience, personnel, and training to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Naples Mold Damage? SERVPRO Can Help

When our Green Fleet arrives at your home in Naples, you can be assured of a top-notch mold remediation service. Our skilled SERVPRO AMRT technicians can tarp the roof to prevent rainwater intrusion and then focus on the mold infestation in the attic space. We can isolate the cleanup area by using poly sheeting and negative air pressure devices to keep the rest of your home free of contaminants.

Naples Office Shutdown from Water

If SERVPRO is called in to remove the water damage to this Naples office, the staff can be back working by the next day in full force. Many air movers and LGR dehus complete the drying process.

Tropical Storm Damage Restoration under a Marco Island Home

The groundwater from Hurricane Irma carried mud, silt, debris, and contaminants into the crawl space of this Marco Island house. Our SERVPRO crew did a typical professional job of water extraction and clean-up, almost finalizing the treatment with an antimicrobial spray. Our smiling technician donned in PPE-personal protection equipment, completed the project by sealing all the trusses, beams, and subflooring materials. We proudly restored the storm-damaged home back to our customer, who felt "Like it never even happened."

Storm Damage – Marco Island Office Building

Storm damage at this Marco Island office building allowed several inches of water to enter the top floor when the roof was damaged. SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island would respond immediately when contacted and begin with placing tarps on the roof and arranging for roof repairs. We would then proceed to clean up the water and dry the affected area.

Naples Office Building Water Leak

Many green drying devices are shown working in this Naples office building. Even when the commercial flooring is tile, and the baseboards are water resistant vinyl, rapid water removal mitigates water damage to the property and capital investments. For minimal disruption to your workplace call SERVPRO for help.

Fire Damage – Naples Home

Fire damage to this Naples home began as an electrical fire in the attic. As the photo shows, the fire engulfed the attic and roof before it was extinguished. SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island would secure the house from the outside elements and then begin fire damage clean up and restoration.

Mold Damage – Marco Island

Mold damage struck this Marco Island home’s closet. The closet was poorly ventilated which led to moisture buildup which fostered the mold growth pictured. The drywall in this instance was too damaged to restore and needed to be removed.

Water Damage – Naples

Water damage in Naples usually requires water cleanup. Pictured is a truck-mounted water extraction unit that is one of the methods SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island uses to suction up water.

Water Damage In Marco Island

When water damage strikes your home, you need to contact the professionals at SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island. Our team is dedicated to responding fast to your water damage emergency. Our technicians have the training and certification, state-of-the-art equipment, and experience to restore your property to pre-damage condition.

Fire Damage In Marco Island

At SERVPRO we specialize in fire damage restoration, it is the cornerstone of our business. Our technicians have the specific training, certifications, and specialized equipment that allows us to restore your property to pre-damage condition. We will make it “Like it never even happened.”

Storm Damage – Marco Island

Storm damage on Marco Island is sometimes very severe leading to power outages. When this happens, SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island would bring their own power to run the necessary restoration equipment. Pictured is a trailer mounted portable generator employed by SERVPRO when experiencing power outages.

Fire Damage in a Naples Kitchen

Fire creates a mess with insulation, building materials, sooty stains and odors, and water cleanup. Tackling a Naples kitchen, for cleaning up and beginning the restoration process, can be less painful to the homeowner when SERVPRO provides the service.

Marco Island Water Cleanup

Standing water on the rubberized floor covering needed rapid removal from this Marco Island fitness center. If SERVPRO is called in, we can quickly remove the pools of water and then concentrate on reducing the interior moisture content to protect the equipment and building elements.

Marco Island Mold Remediation

Mold, when visible as shown in this Marco Island photo, needs removal and remediation to prevent future infestations in the treated areas. SERVPRO remediators clean up, using HEPA filtered equipment and then apply antifungal chemicals for this reason.

Water Damage – Naples

Water damage in Naples can extend beyond what can be seen with the naked eye. Various building materials can become moisture laden without being readily visible. SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island utilizes high-tech moisture detection devices to uncover and measure hidden moisture. Devices like the one pictured can measure moisture in most common building materials.

Marco Island and a Fire Damaged Kitchen

The photo illustrates the damage from the grease fire in the clogged hood filter. The burnt cabinets and back wall were restorable thanks to the highly skilled technicians from SERVPRO. Quickly setting up an hydroxyl generator mitigated smoke odors during the cleanup.

Mold in a Naples Powder Room

Moisture is always a problem in bathrooms lacking efficient ventilation. The dampness led to the large colony growth of Mold needing remediation in this Naples condo. HEPA filtered equipment prevented the spores from contaminating other regions of the property.

Naples Condo and Water Damage

The mailroom area of a Naples condo building suffered water damage from a busted water pipe installed above the ceiling. A speedy demolition of the sagging drywall secured the affected area and mitigated wicking of water which would lead to further water damage. SERVPRO is available 24/7 for emergency mold, fire, and water difficulties.

Water Damage – Naples Home

Water damage at this Naples house soaked the engineered laminate flooring. With the help of hi-tech moisture detection meters, we were able to determine that the subflooring had become saturated also requiring that we tear out the laminate flooring to properly dry the subflooring.

Marco Island Is SERVPRO Ready for Tropical Storm Emily

Wendi and the SERVPRO technicians are enjoying the moment after only minor adverse weather effects from Tropical Storm Emily occurred in our area. Marco Island fared well, but less than 100 miles to the north, things were a lot wetter. Whether one inch of rain, like here or 8 inches of rain in  Tampa, our team is ready, 24/7 to show up and do water extraction and clean up. We proudly serve our local communities and range far and wide to help other Floridians. We are here to help.

Marco Island Storm Effects

The storm water entered and destroyed the vinyl flooring and cabinetry in this Marco Island kitchen. Demolition was followed up with intense drying and moisture removal using our top of the line equipment. Count on SERVPRO technicians for storm damage restoration.

Mold Damage – Naples Garage

Mold damage developed in this Naples garage. The garage was unfinished and had not been treated with any anti-fungal agent. We were able to use SERVPRO products to soft scrub away the mold infestation. We finished by applying an anti-fungal agent to prohibit future mold growth.

Marco Island Charred Hallway and More

The fire caused structural damage to this house, and the smoke damage was extensive throughout the building. The clean up of charred debris and the positioning of hydroxyl generators to clear the air of smokey particles was the first step in this fire damage restoration service.

Marco Island Condo Storm Damage

The common roof of this condo in Marco Island was severely damaged by a storm allowing water and structural elements to damage several units. Cleanup is what we do as we seamlessly coordinated the restoration with the condo association. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Naples Beverage Shop and Storm Damage

The roof gave way during a tropical storm recently in the Naples area and wetted the attic crawl space. The rain water soaked into the ceiling panels but did not leak onto the bottles below. We carefully removed the damaged ceiling elements (we covered the product first) to wet up a drying plan. We used various air movers, grain, and chemical dehumidiers and vented the moisture in the attic to the exterior of the building. The store was only closed for two days, and the proprietor received the okay to reopen upon county inspections. Whatever it takes, SERVPRO has the personnel, the skills, and knowledge, paired with the best equipment in the industry to restore any emergency and keep the business in business.

Naples Water Damage to a Carpet

Water spots appeared after the adjoining bathroom's toilet tank overflowed and wicked into the fibers of the carpeting. We wet vacuumed up the moisture and set up several dehumidifiers to dry ou the carpet and then sprayed a deodorizer to finish the job.

Mold Attack in Naples Manor

This condo wall in Naples Manor was infested with black mold from a leaking ice maker line by the nearby refrigerator. We cut out the damaged section, applied antimicrobial agents, and closed up the exposed area.

Naples Home Gets Flooded from a Storm

The water from the tropical storm flooded the hallway of this home in Naples. We rapidly removed the standing water and were able to salvage a good amount of the laminated flooring. We used our drying equipment to restore moisture content of the concrete pad before new flooring could be installed.

Naples Restaurant Flooded Restroom Floor

Called us at 5:00 AM to remove the water from the flooded restroom floor. Two men, one wet-vac, two air movers and one dehumidifier had the restroom open for business by 9:00 AM. The proprietor and the women patrons were very thankful for our fast service.

Marco Island Fire Containment

The clean up after a fire in this Marco Island home was facilitated by sealing off the remainder of the home from the circulation of debris and smoke particles. This also offered the residents a more pleasant environment during the smoke damage restoration.

Marco Island Suffers Damage from a Washing Machine Malfunction

The supply line coupling failed and produced an abundance of standing water in this Marco Island condo. The saturated carpets and padding were unsalvageable though we did save the baseboards and walls. Our fast work saved the owners money and a messy demolition. We used our industry leading equipment to dry out and deodorize the place leaving our customers very satisfied.