What our Customers say...


The SERVPRO crew just finished up with mold remediation caused by a roof leak. The entire crew were very professional, polite, efficient and thorough throughout the project. Many thanks for such personal service to Fernando, Dustin, Craig, Rudy and Caleb. Would contract with them again without reservation. Job well done.

I didn't know how we were going to clean up the mess after a tree fell through a window. Your team got everything cleaned up quickly!

My wife was very worried after we found mold in our bathroom. Thank you for removing it all and telling us how to prevent it in the future. 

After the fire in my garage, SERVPRO was able to remove all of the soot that was everywhere. 

They arrived very quickly after my call and walked me through the whole process of cleaning up the water damage in my bathroom. Great service!

If I use your company again or recommend it to another.. it would be 100% because of Bob Ross.  He is very professional and caring. Thanks.  

I have used SERVPRO of Naples a number of times.  I owned Door to Door Property Mgmt and have dealt with Bob Ross whenever I needed your service.The help and service I received was very professional and always done when Bob would tell me it would be completed.Your company is the best.

Electrical wiring on an old refrigerator in our garage caused a fire, leading to our calling you for help. Your team worked efficiently to repair the damage and helped us return things to normal.

The mold behind my shower walls must have been growing there for years. When it started coming out, my first thought was to seal it up. Glad I called you instead, SERVPRO. You saved me from a very costly mistake.

A recent storm ripped large portions off of our warehouse roof. You responded quickly, cleaned everything up and performed all of the repairs.

If you need help protecting your house from a coming storm, I highly recommend SERVPRO. They have excellent solutions to common problems and work fast.

Found mold in the kitchen cabinet. Thank you for keeping costs reasonable, SERVPRO. It means a lot because I am just starting out and this is my first apartment.

We tried taking care of mold in our home on our own, with little success. Your team made it go away and stay away, couldn’t ask for more.

My shoe store had several problems that was affecting my business. All were water-related. Thanks to you, they are all a thing of the past. When people comment on the big changes, I give you all the credit.

My garage turned into a blackened smelly mess after the grill caught it on fire. After you finished it was perfect again. Thanks SERVPRO!

Everyone needs to know about the level of professionalism that your team puts into repairing water damage. You sure helped us get things back on track, thanks!

You were able to repair the water damage in our kitchen way sooner than we expected. Thanks again, couldn’t have done it without you.

The last storm did a real number on our house. But, now it looks better than ever, the entire thing is clean enough to eat off of, thanks SERVPRO.

SERVPRO did a wonderful job repairing the damage in our office and even helped us save a bunch of inventory that might have been destroyed if left where it was.

Excellent work repairing the water damage in our restaurant. Really appreciate the fast, professional service.

To the technicians at SERVPRO, thank you from both me and my kids for pumping out all the flooding that came in during the storm a few weeks ago. That was really scary for my young children to see happen in their own home.

The mold was horrible, luckily your team understood what had to be done and got things back to normal fast. I’m not sure we could have survived without you.

I let everyone know that not only did your company take care of our home's ruined interior but you also took care of the insurance stuff for us. You really helped us get through the most difficult time in our 22 year marriage.

A small fire in one of our rooms caused significant smoke damage. Your technicians were able to remove the stains and odors, saving us a lot of time and headache.

The entire roof of our home was compromised during a storm, your team provided much needed support and helped us protect our investment.

The team from SERVPRO arrived to my condo in less than an hour after my call. The water damage was in the washroom and kitchen was extensive.  Jimmy and the team did a great job cleaning everything up and even restoring the damage. I hope I don’t have any more problems but if I do, I’ll call SERVPRO of Naples/Marco Island. Thanks again. 

We came home after a long weekend to a house full of mold. Our insurance agent suggested we give you a call and we couldn’t be happier with the results, thanks again.

Thanks, SERVPRO, for getting my kitchen dried out after the fridge line busted. I'll remember to shut off the water before I go out of town from now on.

We had a small fire in one of our hotel’s guest rooms last summer and SERVPRO was the company our insurance company recommended. We couldn’t have asked for better service.

Having a fire in your home is an experience I’d never wish on anyone. However, if you have to go through it, call SERVPRO. They definitely know how to help.

SERVPRO was very accommodating in getting what ever we have needed and made any necessary changes when requested promptly and courteously and efficiently.


Thank you for meeting again with my husband and I. This was a difficult time to find all these issues we had to face on the condo. I can not tell you what a pleasure it was to have your team and especially you on the job. We are from CT, and so we are not used to dealing with a lot of these types of issues on moisture, etc. We have tried for years to get to the bottom of why we have this moisture problem in that room. The HOA kept painting over the area, and of course the same thing happened, it became moist or bubbled. You took the time to get to the bottom of the problem when you by contract only needed to take it down, clean it up and be gone. The level of attention you gave to our issue was amazing. It was as though you were working on your own place. We had a contractor come in after and they wanted to know who did all this and were so surprised when we told them we found you at SERVPRO. We will definitely pass your name along if anyone we meet down there has a moisture issue they need addressed. The costs were reasonable for the work and amount of time you all devoted to this job.

Again from Bill and I it has been a pleasure to work with you and your whole team from Marco Island at our new home in Naples, Florida.

The storm didn't seem like a big deal before my ceiling started leaking. Wife is thrilled you got it dry in here. The roof is in perfect shape again.

Bob and Steve-

We had the walk through and closing on my mom's villa today. I just want to thank you both for the excellent professional job you both did to make this possible. It looked daunting at the beginning but perfect when completed.

Wonderful job repairing water damage in our home. Your team was very professional and courteous. Great service.

The entire warehouse was a mess, water everywhere, along with mud and sludge that entered from nowhere. Your team made short work of it and we got back to business fast.

I couldn't figure out why my dogs were so terrified of a 'little' storm. Then I saw the backyard tree where it came through the kitchen window. You did a good job getting the debris removed and all the broken glass out of my garbage disposal.