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Cleaning Up Flood Damage in Marco Island Properties

5/24/2023 (Permalink)

Natural Storm On Paper Looking for a restoration company? Look no further, SERVPRO is just a call away.

Effective Post-Flood Cleanup for Local Homes 

While much of Marco Island's economy centers around bringing an immersive beach experience to visitors and tourists, water can equally be a hindrance to homes and businesses here. Flood damage can be devastating, as island structures have seen hurricanes and tropical storms slamming the shoreline in the past few decades. Still, despite nature's fury, long-standing accommodations draw in guests and look better than the days they first opened their doors like the Olde Marco Inn & Suites.

There are plenty of structures to keep your mind from flood damage on Marco Island. While locations like Eagle's Nest Beach Resort, Hilton Marco Island Beach Resort & Spa, and Marriott's Crystal Shores might feel all-inclusive, venture out to see the rest of the island. The Shops of Marco, for instance, has an assortment of high-end retail, sure to pique the interest of someone in your party. Enjoy authentic seafood and fresh dishes at Stonewalls and the Old Marco Pub & Restaurant.

Fast Flood Damage Cleanup and Restoration 

Unfortunately, disasters can strike like flooding, requiring immediate attention from experienced professionals like our SERVPRO team. Flooding spreads fast, which can be a more significant concern in multi-unit structures like the Sands of Marco or the Beach View condominium complexes along the shore. We prioritize the quick removal of water using a range of extraction units:

  • Truck-mount extractors
  • Trash pumps
  • Wet vacuums

We have end-to-end flood damage restoration and recovery service to clean up the mess that these disasters can leave behind. While SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island cannot stop the storm from arriving, we can help your home or business return to normal after it leaves. When flooding compromises your property, call our experienced rapid response team at (239) 302-5700.

Flood Damage Assistance 24/7 After Naples Storms

4/11/2023 (Permalink)

Tech draining floodwaters from a room SERVPRO mitigates flood damage to Naples properties with rapid water extraction, drying, and controlled demolition when needed.

Expert Flood Cleanup with SERVPRO Get Results

Many things can happen during a storm event in the Naples area. Depending on the severity of the weather, your property could be subject to double damage from debris hitting your roof and windows, along with groundwater flooding infiltrating the interior. No matter what happens, know you have a trusted partner in SERVPRO. We have disaster response teams ready whenever area home and business owners need assistance. From rapid water extractions to tarp up and boarding, we have you covered, and We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster. 

Organization and proven methods matter most when approaching flood damage after Naples storms. SERVPRO features IICRC-certified water restoration technicians (WRT) with the training and experience to handle containment, disinfection, rapid water extraction, and applied structural drying.

Once you call us and our Green Fleet arrives at your door, our team begins the assessment process so we can start the cleanup and repair.

  • We determine the level of contamination and all areas where water and moisture are present.
  • The team places containment barriers and applies antimicrobial sprays before extractions begin.
  • Our powerful pumps and truck-mounted extractors help us quickly pull up hundreds of gallons of water.
  • Muck-out services get done to pull out all sludge and debris.
  • We have a selection of industrial-grade air movers and dehumidification equipment to lower relative humidity (RH) to achieve our drying goals.

How does our team handle damaged areas?

We may perform flood cuts and other steps with the controlled demolition phase. Any unsalvageable building materials get pulled out and replaced with all-new materials to finish everything off, so your property returns to its pre-damage state.

All the steps that our SERVPRO technicians move through during your project help to save you time, money, and loss overall. We work to restore versus replace whenever possible, always keeping structural integrity and safety in mind. You can also count on us to work closely with your insurance provider to ensure your claim goes as smoothly as possible. Before we wrap up the project, all areas of your interior get thoroughly sanitized and deodorized so you never have musty odors as a reminder of the flooding that occurred.

Storm surges and rising waters are no match for the trusted team at SERVPRO of Naples/ Marco Island. Call us at (239) 302-5700, and we can send out a crew within hours to begin restoration services.

Water Damage Restoration to Put Your Naples House Back Together

1/3/2023 (Permalink)

heavy rain hitting roof Our area is often exposed to heavy rain. SERVPRO always has a team standing by, ready to begin any water cleanup you may need.

For Bad Weather, there's Water Damage Restoration

Damaging, harsh weather doesn't happen in Naples often, but the effects of a bad storm can linger. If you find your sunroom or enclosed patio saturated, call us. We're experts in water damage restoration. We also know how to prevent identical problems from occurring again, protecting your home from unnecessary damage.

Residents in Naples depend on water damage restoration services to preserve their homes. Storms can pile water and wind-blown debris onto your property, creating an environment perfect for harboring microorganisms and assorted vermin. If such materials pile up, they can keep areas damp, retaining moisture and increasing the effects of water saturation.

Here are different exterior components of your home which might sustain water damage during a storm:

  • Roofing components
  • Windows and doors, and
  • Gutters

In addition to the shingles, paper, and timber creating your roof, other things are often attached to the top of your residence. Satellite dishes, power lines, vents, and the chimney sit here. When the wind yanks a satellite dish from its location, it makes a gap in the roof. If ducts become covered in debris, they can affect your home's ventilation system. SERVPRO can resolve these issues for you.

Sunrooms and patios are only some of the areas of your home with screens. Window screens and exterior screen doors around your house can become torn or ripped from impact by sharp or rough debris. A gentle branch that taps on your window at night can become a fierce tree limb that twists the screen's frame and breaks the glass during an unexpectedly strong storm. We can clean such messes and make the area "Like it never even happened." 

Your home needs gutters to direct water away from the house's exterior and into specific areas for proper drainage. Water that hits your roof can become quite substantial and flooding your home might happen without correct drainage. We can help get these realigned to protect your house instead of becoming part of the reason it sustains damage.

Whenever you need professional water damage restoration professionals, call us, SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island, at (239) 302-5700.

How to Handle Storm Flood Damage in Naples Homes

8/7/2022 (Permalink)

a flooded living room with furniture floating around everywhere If flood damage occurs in your home, contact SERVPRO immediately. Our trained technicians will make it “Like it never even happened.”

Storm Flood Damage in Naples Requires SERVPRO’s Help

Storms bring different types of damage to homes, such as wind damage, flooding, and hail damage. SERVPRO has been assisting homeowners in rebuilding storm-damaged properties for many years.

We can handle the storm flood damage in your Naples home. After getting to your property, we can act quickly to prevent further flood damage.  Flood water can have contaminants like bacteria. Handling damaged utility power lines can be hazardous. Therefore, leaving the cleanup and restoration work to our team is better. We arrive in personal protective equipment (PPE) to begin the disaster recovery. Our recovery services include:

  • Inspection
  • Contents pack out 
  • Water removal and drying 
  • Cleaning
  • Reconstruction


Our team can assess damage to your property. For the safety of the building’s occupants, we can inspect the weather-damaged structures for structural integrity. We can stabilize the structures and start remediation immediately.

Contents pack out

Our SERVPRO team can handle all damage and contamination issues. We can carefully remove your salvageable belongings and take them to our restoration facilities for a thorough cleaning, disinfection, and drying. We return the items to a home after the restoration process is complete.

Water removal and drying

We can use suitable extraction equipment like extraction units, submersible pumps, and deep extraction tools to remove the floodwater from the building. We often use portable extractors because we can take them into most areas of the structure. Our SERVPRO technicians can also use air moving and dehumidifying equipment to resolve all moisture problems.


Flood damage can cause microbial contamination. Therefore, we use EPA-registered broad-spectrum disinfectants to eliminate the microbes. When applying the products, we use methods and quantities that physically allow the solution to contact the contaminated surfaces and materials. We allow sufficient dwell time for the solution to be effective.


Our SERVPRO crew can perform a complete walkthrough of your residence to determine the in-depth repairs and reconstruction you need to complete. The reconstruction process may include structural repairs, flooring replacement or repairs, and drywall replacement, among other tasks. 

Contact SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island to handle the storm flood damage in your home. Our 24-hour emergency hotline is (239) 302-5700. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster. 

Flood Damage Cleanup After a Hurricane on Marco Island

7/2/2022 (Permalink)

beachfront home broken walls hurricane When that tropical storm leaves your Marco Island home flooded and damaged--Call SERVPRO--We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Restoring Your Marco Island Home Post Hurricane

Hurricanes are a threat to any area but are especially dangerous for coastal regions. The unique blend of the wind, water, and other inclement weather components makes the perfect storm on Marco Island. Hurricanes inflict billions of dollars of damage in the United States each year, with a lot of this on the Gulf Coast of Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Florida, and Alabama.

Flood damage from hurricanes can be costly and overwhelming, which is why you need the assistance of professionals when you go through such a storm. SERVPRO staff is specially trained to handle flooding and water damage restoration from storms, making us the ideal company to contact should your Marco Island home sustain damage from a hurricane.

Upon arriving at your home, our SERVPRO technicians first assess the water infiltration, so we know how extensive the damage is to the structure, and then we develop a plan of remediation to mitigate the water damage and stop mold from growing or severe structural damage from happening.

Water extraction is the next step and needs to be done quickly and adequately. With our industrial equipment such as truck-mounted pumps, we have the water removed from your home as fast as possible. After all the standing water is removed, the studs, walls, and other components of your home must be completely dried. If this step is not used, it can result in additional damage and higher reconstruction costs. Using large fans and dehumidifiers, we also do this step as fast as we can, and check on the equipment daily, moving the fans around if needed for optimal drying.

Mold growth is common after flooding from a hurricane. With wet and warm conditions, an ideal environment for mold to grow, it is a genuine concern. We take the necessary steps for decontamination to remove any existing mold and to prevent further growth.

A storm like this can also wreak havoc on the contents of your home. When you call us at SERVPRO right away, many of them can be restored or saved.

SERVPRO of Naples/Marco Island are experts at removing flood waters and drying your home out again. Therefore, do not hesitate to call us right away at (239) 302-5700 if you experience flooding from a hurricane and you live in the areas of Marco Island, Naples, and Naples Manor.

All is Not Lost After Storm Flood Damage to Your Naples Property

6/5/2022 (Permalink)

a persons lawn that is covered in water and the porch that is barely visible through all of the flooding Many times after a storm, some of the water has gained entry into your home. Contact SERVPRO 24/7 for effective water removal and drying equipment.

SERVPRO is Ready with Flood Damage Response After Naples Storms

Even if you prepared for a recent storm, there is no guarantee that your property will come out of it without issue. High winds and massive rains in Naples could spell disaster for your home and any outbuildings on your property. Whether you now have a leaking roof from storms, damage from debris, or interior flooding, SERVPRO’s disaster response team is there when you need us – We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Knowing that you have a friend in SERVPRO can put your mind at ease when you have storm flood damage in Naples. We specialize in storm flooding and water removal services so that we can get your property back to normal fast. Our crews have IICRC training, and we have specialized equipment at our disposal that helps us get your home back to pre-storm condition.

  • Rapid Response
    As a locally owned and operated franchise, we can respond faster and with all of the best resources. This is extremely important as rapid response lessens damage and limits the onset of mold and mildew growth, thus reducing the overall restoration cost.
  • Resources
    Once storms roll through the Naples area, SERVPRO can scale resources to execute restoration for significant weather events or flooding disasters. Our warehouses are loaded with equipment and tools, and we have access to a network of IICRC-certified technicians from other franchises across the country.

We want all area customers to remain safe in storm events

Severe weather can happen at any time, so you should always be prepared. Please keep the following tips in mind:

  • Know the risks – Always check your local forecasts and have a shelter plan before a storm hits.
  • Take action – Put together an emergency kit and always keep essential papers or valuables in a safe place.
  • Call the pros – Contact SERVPRO for professional restorations, emergency cleanup, and peace of mind.

When you have storm flood damage, know that you are not alone. SERVPRO of Naples/Marco Island is available around the clock. Call us at (239) 302-5700.

How to Rescue Your Kitchen from Flood Damage on Marco Island

4/1/2022 (Permalink)

outside view of flooded home The quicker that you call SERVPRO after flooding, the less likely you will have secondary damage issues.

SERVPRO Remediates Flood Damage After an Event

In your kitchen, danger can lurk behind every corner. Whether from out-of-control frying pans, leaking taps, or appliances on the fritz, preparing for the unexpected is always a good idea. In a flood situation, speed is of the essence. Unfortunately, quick turnaround times put a more significant strain on the facilities, and there is a more considerable risk of flooding. 

If a flood has hit your kitchen or any area of your home, SERVPRO is the place to turn. We have many years of experience dealing with flood damage on Marco Island, and we can minimize the damage. With access to sophisticated drying equipment, our technicians can remove every last drop of water and leave you clean and dry. 

However, an essential part of flood damage restoration for any food preparation area is hygeine. The kitchen must be completely germ-free, which requires special cleaning chemicals. Keep reading to find out more. 

Keeping Surfaces Clean 

Fortunately, most of the surfaces in a kitchen are designed to be very hygienic. Counters are almost always made out of stone (like granite) because it is non-porous. It means that if contaminated water does touch them, the germs sit on the surface. So, your sink, pizza oven, worktops, fridge, and other items can be wiped clean with a detergent. 

These days, many homes have multiple cooking appliances. These are harder to clean; hygroscopic materials absorb water vapor from saturated air. They need to be completely cleared out, and all wet wood disposed of properly. An antimicrobial agent may be applied to kill developing germs depending on the moisture level. 

Using Sanitizers and Disinfectants 

When the SERVPRO technicians tackle flood damage in an area that contains food, they have to think carefully about the chemicals that they use. Striking a balance between hygiene and safety is essential. Not all cleaning methods are suitable for a space that handles food. The IICRC approves the use of sanitizers and disinfectants in kitchens. 

They are powerful, but they do have limitations. For example, it is always safer to get rid of food items after a flood, even if they do not feel wet or moist unless you keep your stock in a sealed refrigerator or walk-in storage unit. On the other hand, cutlery, glassware, and crockery can be deep cleaned and sterilized. 

SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island commits to helping local residents get back on track. So, call us 24/7 at (239) 302-5700 today.

What Is Salvageable After A Flood In Naples?

2/7/2022 (Permalink)

Flood Water Entering Home Let your local SERVPRO professionals resolve your water damage problems.

SERVPRO Has Qualified Professionals Who Can Save your Contents and Rescue Your Naples Home

What Type of Expertise do you Need to Perform Flood Restoration?

Flood restoration differs from most other fields of repair because of the size and scope of damages. When flash flooding strikes, residents of Naples may find themselves dealing with broken windows, doors, and potential collapse of the structure. Massive amounts of water both inside and outside a home can cause stress to joints as well as the foundations of your property. There may also be contamination risks associated with floodwaters entering your home and bringing debris, human pathogens, sewage, and mud.

It is essential when working in a flood situation in Naples that you wear appropriate personal protective equipment. Dealing with such a massive impact requires strong knowledge in construction, repair, plumbing, water restoration, structural cavity drying, and biohazardous substances. Our roster of technicians has a skill set that encompasses the challenges of a flood with qualifications from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certifications (IICRC), a nationally regulated, independent awards body.

What Should I Do When Floodwaters Enters My Home?

  • Contact your insurance provider as well as a certified restoration firm
  • Open windows and doorways where possible to avoid creating pressure points
  • If you can reach a fuse box, shut off power to the property to prevent electrical fires or malfunctions
  • Avoid areas with standing water that may be contaminated and pose a risk to your health
  • If you need to vacate the property, only take essential items from the house like drinking water, medication, and valuable documents

How do Experts Prepare for Flood Restoration?

The first step is to perform a scoping task whenever we work at a flood recovery site. Scoping helps us to spot any potential hazards in the property and allows us to ensure that we can enter and exit safely while carrying heavy equipment to and from the affected area. Once we are sure that the property is safe, we can set up a staging zone for equipment, run power cables or hose to the staging zone from our trucks. Staging zones are useful in flood restoration because they prevent regular equipment trips to and from the outside trucks, reducing cross-contamination and increasing time efficiency. The last thing we do before work begins is to establish engineering controls. Engineering controls help us to set up containment and decontamination areas on-site to avoid spreading damage around.

How do you Set Up Engineering Controls for a Flood Restoration Project?

  • Designate a clear main path through the home to the affected area
  • Shield your access pass by placing polyethylene sheets on walls and floors throughout
  • Establish a decontamination area for moving in and out of the affected area
  • Create negative air pressure to prevent contaminants from spreading on airways throughout the home
  • Set up a clean area for placing salvageable items for restoration

Why do you Need Decontamination Areas in Flood Restoration?

Floodwaters can pose a threat to your health because they can contain high levels of toxicity and potentially biohazardous substances. Any items that come into contact with floodwaters are then contaminated. By removing an item from a contaminated zone to a non-affected area, you risk spreading further damage or making unsafe areas. Decontamination areas are not just essential for contents but also for technicians entering and exiting the worksite who can carry substances on footwear or clothing. SERVPRO contains and controls flood sites meticulously to reduce the risk of secondary harm to the property.

How Do You Know That Flood Restoration is Complete?

Sometimes just visually inspecting the affected area is not enough to know whether or not flood restoration is complete. To ensure a home returns to its pre-damage condition, we need to compare the affected area with the outside as well as other rooms in the home. These steps can be essential to ensuring that the closeout phase of restoration is completed responsibly. SERVPRO technicians take measurements from unaffected areas of the home as well as outdoors as a comparison point. Comparing the results from a hygrometer in the affected area against unaffected areas can reveal whether the property is appropriately dry. If there are inconsistencies in humidity readings, technicians can adjust the drying procedure or bring in dehumidifiers to ensure our dry goal is reached. Often, a crew chief can explain in detail when a project is finished by sharing drying goals and measurements after service.

Reaching a pre-damage condition from a flooded property is a challenging task. For smooth evaluation and restoration, contact SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island at (239) 302-5700.

Challenging Areas for Flood Extraction in Naples Homes

12/14/2021 (Permalink)

Standing water in front of a home. SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island will ensure no water is left behind after storm damage.

After a flood, we work fast to remove damaging water from Naples properties. 

Flooding is a situation that many Naples and Marco Island properties have dealt with, from coastal surges to torrential rains resulting in rising creeks and streams. We respond fast to these emergencies to begin vital mitigation when your home needs it most. 

Clearing Attic Damage 

Flood removal in Naples homes can often be more challenging in certain areas of a property or when trapped in structural cavities. Attics, especially those unfinished, can have substantial flood damage after prolonged moisture exposure from the roof. We can provide the necessary response to these situations through a combination of water damage mitigation and experienced professionals with our general contractor license. 

Removing Water in a Crawlspace

Crawlspaces also present access issues. In most cases, the priority is first to eliminate several inches or even feet of standing water beneath the main floor of the house through implements like truck-mount extractors and wet vacuums. Both of these tools can manage higher volumes of water without failing to address small debris and solids present as well. 

Eliminating Trapped Floodwater 

Another area where we must focus on drying and restoration services is the water trapped in structural cavities. Penetration of floodwater to the exterior of your property can leave moisture and standing water trapped between the elements of a wall assembly. There are several approaches necessary to remedy the trapped pooling and begin drying the space, including:

  • Weep holes for drainage
  • Moisture monitoring equipment
  • Warm air infusion
  • Structural repairs

Flooding can be a destructive force against coastal homes, making our fast mitigation response a critical service for area properties. Our SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island team has become a trusted name for extraction, drying, and cleanup for flood-damaged residences and condos. Give us a call today at (239) 302-5700.

Some Tips For Flood Damage Remediation in Naples After a Storm

9/24/2021 (Permalink)

a flooded neighborhood with water up to the houses lawns Flooding can literally overtake your home after a storm. Tackle the situation with a quick call to SERVPRO. We will assess and remediate the damage.

Restoring Flooded Carpets in Your Naples Home

Floods can affect Naples homes in many ways, but saturated materials can prove to be among the most disastrous. Even areas like carpeting can quickly become overly saturated, which can penetrate the subflooring and begin threatening structural supports. A wise solution to protect both this carpeting material and other affected areas of your home is to reach out to trained restoration specialists like ours. We can arrive quickly with the full measure of our mitigation equipment for efficient extraction and drying.

When it comes to restoring affected areas like carpeting from flood damage in Naples, you need the right equipment arriving fast to your Naples residence. Our SERVPRO professionals have state-of-the-art extraction, drying, and cleaning equipment to fully restore flood-damaged carpets in clean water loss incidents. With contaminated water, we do not recover materials, as the risk for bacteria and other hazards is too significant to leave installed.

Storm Flood Emergency

Our team has a 24/7 response to flooding emergencies, arriving with our broad inventory of recovery equipment. For standing water and oversaturation of flooring materials, we can provide multiple extraction machines such as portable sump pumps and the extractor truck that arrives with our Green Fleet. Additionally, we can work to remove the water from carpeting and subflooring materials with the use of our weighted extractor. This remote-controlled device can force moisture to the surface to get removed by the powerful onboard vacuum.

Cleaning the carpets is an essential step once we have effectively removed the standing water and dried the affected area thoroughly. With steam cleaning and other premier equipment, we can remove any dirt, debris, or other buildups that could exist deep at the base of the carpet fibers. Not only does this remove any present threat that the floodwater could have brought into your home, but it also improves the aesthetic appeal and function of the flooring as well.

There are many areas of your home that require immediate attention when flooding has occurred, and your carpets are one of them. You can count on the fast response of our 

SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island team to dry and clean up the mess. Give us a call anytime you need us at (239) 302-5700.

Repairing a Naples Home After Flood Damage Should not be Overwhelming

9/12/2021 (Permalink)

a flooded laundry room with items floating everywhere When flooding happens, contact our SERVPRO team. We are standing by 24/7 with trained technicians and equipment to tackle the flood damage for you.

Water Damage Repairs Become Manageable with the Aid of a Professional Water Restoration Team

Life in Naples can be idyllic with its beautiful beaches, friendly community, and active lifestyle. 

A popular destination for retirees and snowbirds, keeping a home in southwest Florida is an excellent option for people of all ages. However, the region is not devoid of the effects of nature, particularly as the rainy season descends upon the Gulf Coast.

When rain causes flood damage to a Naples home, life does not have to become complicated. A call to SERVPRO and its around-the-clock staff can kick the assessment of water damage and water damage repairs into high gear. As our certified team of experts arrives at your home, you can rest assured that our goal is to focus on water clean-up while mitigating the losses caused by rising water levels and torrential downpours.

Many of our clients wonder if the flood damage is the same as water removal services, and our SERVPRO staff can answer the question thoroughly. Water extraction is a pivotal step in achieving flood damage restoration, but our work goes well beyond removing water from your home. To successfully restore your home, we focus on the following-

  • Sorting through the remnants of the incident and discarding items beyond restoration. This may include upholstered furniture that soaks debris and bacteria natural to stormwater and even carpeting beyond repair. 
  • We can also remove some items from the home to protect and store them until clean-up is complete.
  • Extracting water from the premises with pumps, extractors, and the help of dehumidifiers and air movers. 

Our objective is to restore humidity levels as recommended by industry experts and consistent with the nature of each surface and environmental factors. Disinfecting your home with antimicrobial solutions and deodorizing agents to counteract mold and odor molecules lingering in the house.

Storms and hurricanes are a fact of life in Naples, and SERVPRO of Naples/Marco Island is here to help. Call us at (239) 302-5700 as soon as the incident occurs and let our teamwork until your home feels “Like it never even happened.”

Flooding in Naples Calls for Targeted Restoration Approaches

7/22/2021 (Permalink)

Flood waters by home When your home is damaged by flood water, call on the experts at SERVPRO. We have skilled technicians available 24/7 for any level of damage.

SERVPRO Keeps Residents in their Homes Whenever Possible

Floods are dangerous and damaging, often completely shutting a homeowner out due to intense damages. This, however, only happens in some of the most severe cases, and most of the time, SERVPRO will be able to keep you in your home and only quarantine specific areas. We structure our treatments and equipment as minimally intrusive as possible. We aim to keep you in your home whenever possible. Here are a few examples of treatments we provide that keep you in your home even as we work.


In most heavy-duty cases of drying in Naples flood damage scenarios, particularly those that make use of our powerful air movers, we cordon off a particular part of the home. This provides two benefits: first, it reduces the time necessary to dry that area, as the air moves at a faster pace in a confined space. Second, it allows the residents to remain elsewhere on the property while drying is contained to one spot. Sometimes, however, the structure may need to be vacated to get access to and dry out larger rooms or central areas. The circumstances will dictate the best approach to drying out any structure while providing the best service to our clients. We work with your insurance company should you hopefully possess flood insurance.

Repainting and Refinishing

Most of the time, when SERVPRO begins retouching and repainting materials and parts of the structure affected by flood damage, it doesn't cause enough of a disruption to warrant an empty building. You'll be able to go around our technicians once this part of the restoration process sets in, as they typically only work on a specific area at a time.

Mold Testing and Treatments

After a flood, the mold is a fixed factor in the minds of a homeowner and our technicians. We make sure to test rigorously for its growth and implement countermeasures to its expansion as necessary. Unless mold existed before the flood, we could usually section off small areas around fungi, keeping them contained and treatments focused.

SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island provides quality, affordable restorations for homes touched by floods. Call us 24/7 at (239) 302-5700 for our services.

When is Water Damage Considered Flood Damage in Naples Properties?

6/3/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician in PPE SERVPRO technicians are available around the clock to assist with your homes flood damages. Don't wait, call us immediately for remediation services.

Get Expert Cleanup of Flood Damage in Naples Homes from SERVPRO

According to FEMA, a water intrusion gets labeled a flood when water damages at least two Naples properties, one of which belongs to the person filing a claim. 

SERVPRO provides professional flood damage cleanup in Naples. It is crucial to bring in professional flood restoration to a property to ensure the best outcome for the home and contents. Because floodwater can hold a host of contaminants, SERVPRO techs rely on instruments such as a luminometer which we use to test the water and affected surfaces in the home for the presence of organic contamination. The readings from this equipment are never used in place of an industrial hygienist but rather as a measure of whether we need to bring one into the restoration services to identify bacteria or pathogens present in the floodwater. This attention to detail ensures that the home gets returned to a sanitary state for safe habitation by people and pets.

Common Actions During Flood Water Removal 

  • Controlled demolition of walls and floors
  • Removal of furnishings for inspection and cleaning
  • Treatment of floodwater with biocides 
  • Proactive antimicrobial application on the framework to inhibit mold

SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island (239) 302-5700 has the training and experience to handle any size flood damage from storms in Naples properties. Call anytime for expert cleanup and restoration.

The Aftermath of a Flood in Naples

3/15/2021 (Permalink)

standing water on floor, carpeting and padding removed to dry Sometimes removing the flooring is necessary for drying. Call SERVPRO for effective remediation.

SERVPRO Tackles Flood Damage in Naples and Surrounding Areas

Living in Southwest Florida means flooding comes as no surprise. However, you may require professional assistance to clean up after a flood properly. A critical aspect of flood cleanup is understanding when to dispose of contaminated materials and cleaning the appropriate solution.

Dealing with flood damage in your Naples home means you have to determine what is salvageable and what is not. It is essential to understand that floodwater is contaminated because it crosses over the ground and can pick up bacteria and other harmful microbes.

The following items often require full or partial replacement after being in floodwater for an extended period:

  • Drywall: flood cuts at the 24 or 48-inch mark along the wall for easier installation.
  • Carpet: Although the carpet can sometimes dry, generally, technicians need to rip it out.

In contrast, technicians can often dry, clean, and restore water damaged hardwood and other types of non-carpet flooring along. Likewise, most of your home's contents and your personal belongings are likely salvageable.

For 24/7 assistance after a flood, contact SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island at (239) 302-5700.

Can Carpets Get Restored After Flood Damage in Naples Homes?

2/10/2021 (Permalink)

Two people standing in green rain boots on wet carpet. Flood damage to your properties carpet can be saved, call SERVPRO today.

SERVPRO Restores Naples Homes With Flood Damage

Seeing a home with even a small amount of water damage from a storm can seem overwhelming for where to start the cleanup. One of the smartest moves a property owner can make is to bring in professional help.

Naples is prone to flood damage from strong storms that are a part of living in Florida. When SERVPRO techs handle this type of restoration job, some actions are taken to ensure the best outcome for the property owner. The elements the determine the potential for reuse includes:

  • The type of water absorbed into the carpet
  • Length of time before the cleanup began
  • The materials used in the carpet's construction

In cases where the water damage is from rainwater, there is a possibility to save the carpet if the removal begins within 24 hours and the carpet does not show signs of deterioration. The techs use several tests to determine the types of fibers they are dealing with through burn analysis, chemical reactions, and gravity tests. This helps avoid issues such as shrinkage, dye bleeding, or fading from contact with cleaning agents. 

SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island at (239) 302-5700 is available 24/7 to handle flood damage in Naples properties and make it "Like it never even happened."

Can Restoration Pros Save a Storm-Damaged Roof?

11/18/2020 (Permalink)

vans outside damaged home The team to turn to after your home is damaged is SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island!

IICRC-Certified Techs at SERVPRO Return Storm-Damaged Naples Homes to a Pre-Loss State

Naples, like much of the Sunshine State, experiences well above average precipitation compared to the rest of the US at a whopping 56 inches per year. Much of this rain comes with high winds and other weather-related risks that can lead to felled trees on roofs, damaged shingles, and structural materials in dire need of cleanup and potential replacement.

SERVPRO’s mitigation process includes performing any necessary structural repairs and mold remediation (license #MRSR2994) to restore Naples homes affected by storm damage.

Why Does SERVPRO’s Fast Response to Storm Damage Cleanup Matter?
    •    24/7 availability means that technicians minimize the risk of microbial growth on your property using EPA-registered biocides.
    •    SERVPRO emergency-response crews can provide power sources for cleanup equipment if your electricity is shut off.
    •    Industrial-grade drying equipment includes high-powered centrifugal air movers and low-grain refrigerant or desiccant dehumidifiers.

SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island is ready to make your property look and feel, “Like it never even happened.” Call (239) 302-5700 to begin the mitigation and restoration process.

You Can Count on SERVPRO for Storm-Related Disaster Mitigation Services

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van outside storm damaged home When a storm damages your home you need to call the experts at SERVPRO!

SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island is Available 24/7 for Storm Damage Cleanup and Restoration

Naples is a vibrant community that is home to a wealth of opportunities for residents since its inception. The city’s nearly 20,000 citizens reside at an elevation of approximately three feet along the Gulf Coast. Prominent businesses like payment systems giant ACI Worldwide, arthroscopy industry leader Arthrex and construction powerhouse Florida Rock Industries are all based in Naples. This peaceful coastal community in southwest Florida requires a well-trained emergency response crew to handle disasters and maintain a high standard of safety for homeowners and businesses alike.

The Paradise Coast is also home to plenty of opportunities for tourism year-round. Between the white sands of Naples Beach and a plethora of shopping, dining, and entertainment options from 3rd Street South to 8th Street South, Naples has much to offer trendsetting young professionals and vacationing families alike.

Downtown Naples is filled to the brim with acclaimed restaurants and hotels like:
    •    Barbatella
    •    Tommy Bahama Restaurant, Bar, & Store
    •    Bleu Provence
    •    Cove Inn on Naples Bay
    •    The Gondolier Inn

Storm Damage Cleaning, Removal, and Repair for Naples, Florida Residents
The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-accredited crew at SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island is locally-owned and operated. This commitment to local service puts our team in a unique position to offer high-quality, commercial-grade resources that restore homes while staying in touch with the Naples community.

    •    We're only a phone call away from providing you with the necessary cleanup and restoration services at (239) 302-5700.
    •    SERVPRO technicians, staff, and franchise owners all receive extensive education about disaster cleanup and home restoration so that the community at large can benefit.
    •    Our constant availability, even on nights, weekends, and holidays, ensures that damage to your home is minimized while streamlining the claims filing process.

Whether you run a motel near Naples Beach or live along Gulf Shore Boulevard North, restoration professionals can prevent losses like those incurred by the massive Hurricane Irma in 2017. This Atlantic storm is considered the strongest observed since 2005, making landfall as a Category 4 storm before impacting Marco Island as a Category 3. Winds reached a whopping 112 miles per hour just a few short miles south of Naples. Hurricane Irma required the most massive statewide evacuation recorded in the state of Florida at 6.5 million residents.

Common Situations That Create Storm Damage on Naples Properties
Located along the coast on the southwestern tip of Florida, Naples is a beautiful coastline beach town that stays warm year-round. The locale’s hurricane season, which lasts from June to November, creates storm and flood damage risks from both hurricanes and tropical storms. Summer and autumn are typically much more precipitous than the rest of the year, seeing as much as two to six times more rain than the spring or winter months.

Naples residents would do well to prepare their homes for a variety of storm, flooding, and hurricane-related events, such as:

    •    Meteotsunamis, like the high-tide storm event near Naples Pier in January 2016, can leave homeowners suddenly looking for high ground. These rare weather phenomena, created by sudden changes in pressure, can bring 70 to 90 mph winds and sudden cold fronts. The meteotsunami that occurred in December 2018 quickly flooded Naples beaches, causing local tide gauges to rise more than one foot in less than one minute.
    •    Tropical storms during the wet season comprise much of the record rainfall and flood risk for homeowners in Collier County and the surrounding areas. After Tropical Storm Sally passed through southwest Florida, water levels rose several inches, causing flooding so significant on Sanibel Island that fish washed up on Tarpon Bay Road in Sanibel.
    •    Naples’s proximity to the Caribbean and Central America can mean exposure to several hurricanes per year. Fortunately, in many cases, Naples is spared the worst of the damages to property and infrastructure. However, some severe storms, like Hurricanes Irma and Wilma, did directly impact the city.
    •    Naples sees an average of 54 inches of rain per year. This figure is much higher than the United States average of 38 inches.

Due to Naples’ location and flood risk potential, homeowners can save considerably on flood insurance policies. According to 2018 data, there are currently over 14,000 active flood insurance policies. Because Naples is considered a Class 5 by the National Flood Insurance Program’s (NFIP) Community Rating System (CRS), meaning policyholders can receive up to 25% off of their insurance. The City of Naples as a whole saves an estimated $3.9 million per year on flood protection premiums because it participated in the NFIP’s CRS.

What Mitigation Services Does SERVPRO Perform for Storm-Damaged Homes?
Storm damage on Naples properties can take many forms. SERVPRO technicians offer a plethora of services that remove debris, make necessary structural repairs, and coordinate with both insurance adjusters and homeowners to ensure that restoration is performed with you in mind.

    •    Licensed professionals. Your local SERVPRO company is also licensed to render mold remediation services (license #MRSR2994) that eliminate microbes with a variety of commercial-grade tools such as:
    -HEPA filter air scrubbers.
    -Industrial-grade dehumidifiers.
    -EPA-registered antimicrobial solutions.
    •    Rebuilding services. Whether you need carpeting and drywall replaced after a flood or you need lightning-fast roofing repairs to stop further water damage, this team can assist you.
    •    Contents restoration. SERVPRO also has equipment and facilities available to perform both on- and off-site restoration of upholstery, electronics, documents, and valuables, depending on the extent of the disaster. We strive to minimize property losses to help you save on repair and replacement costs.

SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island has a professional crew that is ready to make your home look and feel, “Like it never even happened.” Call your local mitigation team today at (239) 302-5700.

How Can a Flood Impact My Naples Home?

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flooding in home Never let bad weather catch you by surprise.

Flooding in Naples is a Common Occurrence and Can Cause Various Problems like Structural Damage, a Proliferation of Harmful Microbial Growths, and the Destruction of Household Contents.

As you probably already know, Naples experiences its rainy season between mid-May and the end of October.  During this time, the area routinely has daily thunderstorms from around noon until about sunset.  However, torrential rains can sometimes fall continuously for several days in a row, overpowering local drainage networks and flooding nearby homes.  When this happens, your residence could suffer extensive immediate damage and be at risk of further issues in the future.  Worse still is that some of these flood-borne problems could go unnoticed even after remediation work is completed.  This is why you must hire the right flood damage cleanup and restoration company to resolve your flood-related situation.

What Kind of Damage is a Flood Capable of Doing?
As your local Naples flood damage remediators at SERVPRO know, floods can cause an amazing amount of damage.  These property injuries can be both immediate and long-term, as well as visible and hidden.  Some of the many flood-borne issues our skilled technicians have successfully handled in the past are:

    •    Feet of standing water in even the most difficult-to-access areas
    •    Hazardous waste deposits
    •    Moisture-saturated home interiors
    •    Harmful microbial growths that cause mold and mildew stains, dry rot, and health effects
    •    Persistent, difficult-to-eliminate odors
    •    Destroyed structural elements and rooms

After regularly resolving these particular situations, we have earned a reputation as one of the area’s most skilled storm damage remediation services.  This favorable public image has only been enhanced when people learn about the extensive training our technicians receive in all aspects of the cleanup and restoration process.

How Does SERVPRO Clean Up the Aftereffects of a Flood?
We are knowledgeable in all the latest remediation methods and have access to all the newest cutting edge tools of our trade.  Using our extensive expertise, we employ these to your greatest benefit.  Some of the advanced resources that make our remarkable efforts possible are:

    •    Powerful truck-mounted and portable water extractors
    •    State-of-the-art air movers and high-velocity fans
    •    Various high-tech dehumidifiers
    •    Innovative Injectidry systems
    •    Thermal and ultra-low volume foggers
    •    A wide array of EPA-approved disinfectants and deodorants

Armed with all of these highly effective tools, our professionals can resolve almost any flood-related issue in almost any type of environment.

What Type of Residences Has SERVPRO Successfully Remediated?
SERVPRO has dealt with the effects of flooding in all types of residences.  Our experts have completed work on everything from country estates to city condos.  The following is a brief list of the various kinds of residential structures we have saved over the past eighteen or so years:

    •    Large country estates
    •    Small and large single-family houses
    •    Divided and multi-family structures
    •    Beachfront and downtown condos
    •    Mixed-use properties of various sizes

Residences are constructed differently from one another, and they often exist in dissimilar environments.  So, effectively cleaning up flood damage generally involves knowing exactly what tools and services might be necessary for every circumstance.  As a firm with extensive experience cleaning up and restoring all the various home types, SERVPRO has become one of the leading flood damage remediators in this region.

Where Does SERVPRO Operate?
Wherever you are in the Greater Naples area, SERVPRO likely services your community.  We are available to help you in most parts of Collier County, from the oceanfront to its swampy eastern end.  Some of the various communities we have helped include:

    •    Naples
    •    Naples Manor
    •    Old Marco Junction
    •    Marco Island
    •    Miles City
    •    Monroe Station
    •    Paolita Station

Our large zone of coverage forces us to deal with a wide range of environments, each requiring the use of different methods and tools.  As a result, our technicians have become experts in remediating residential flooding in both remote swampy grasslands and densely populated coastal communities.

As a homeowner in Southwest Florida, you should always remain mindful of the ever-present threat of flooding.  Although our towns rarely suffer direct hits from hurricanes, they still experience much of the region’s tropical weather.  Heavy rains that continue unabated for several days are a common occurrence here.  These intensely rainy periods rather quickly inundate our low-lying region and bring destruction to local residents.  It is for this reason you should be well-prepared for flooding before the rainy season comes.  Know whom to call in the case of a flood emergency and take all the other necessary precautions to safeguard your property.

With all that said, never let bad weather catch you by surprise.  If it ever does and you require assistance overcoming the devastation of a flood, call your helpful neighbors at SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island anytime at (239) 302-5700.

What Can You Do to Bring Down the Costs of Saltwater Intrusion in Your Property?

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two servrpo vehicles parked at jobsite When flooding from salt or freshwater enter your Naples property, it is a relief to see the SERVPRO trucks show up for extraction!

SERVPRO Can Use Methods to Mitigate Saltwater Flooding Incidents to Your Naples Home

Saltwater flooding in Naples can be particularly harmful to your property because it is naturally corrosive. By contacting SERVPRO saltwater removal specialists, you can fight back against potential harm to your property.

How does saltwater intrusion occur, and what effect does it have on my home?

Saltwaters can effect Naples area oceanside properties in coastal areas. When ocean water enters aquifers in coastal regions, it can lead to groundwater flooding. Groundwater flooding can occur from a rising sea level due to hurricanes, storms, or as a result of heavy rainfall. Property owners may find that the most severely affected areas are the crawlspace of the home, which can fill with saltwater and become tough to restore due to restrictive access for tools and equipment.

Saltwater can cause more damage than clean water because of the corrosive nature of salt. On metals, this type of flooding can cause faster rusting as well as warping and weakening of building materials. Traditional plasters, drywall, and paint in your home can also suffer adversely from exposure to salt. Documents and other materials may yellow or suffer significant damage requiring advanced restoration techniques. On woods or other materials, salts can become absorbed below the surface level leading to erosion, cracking, or forms other permanent harm.

What are the essential steps when encountering saltwater flooding?

    •    Freezing valuable documents until restorers arrive can help to mitigate loss

    •    Salt ions have an electrical charge, which can increase the likelihood of circuit faults. Shut off the power supply to your home immediately.
    •    If it is safe to do so, remove items from the impacted area. Use sheets or other tarpaulins to place items onto and prevent spreading damages throughout the home.
    •    Avoid using the home's plumbing system, which may be adversely affected by the presence of saltwater. Where possible, shut-off water supply to the home.
    •    We suggest waiting for us to inspect wet documents and photos

Which is tougher to restore in a property, saltwater or freshwater?

While both types of water can cause significant, saltwater intrusion can make it more challenging to bring your back to its original condition. We recommend using professional restorers in all types of floodwater recovery. However, in saltwater flooding, water migration into cavities could cause long-term severe structural damage or collapse. Ensuring you provide a professional inspection of your home to avoid long-term harm is essential.

How long does it take to recover a property that has saltwater encroachment?

Properties with saltwater intrusion typically take longer to restore than those with damage from a fresh water supply. Professional restorers may need to perform extraction twice over. They are first using appropriate pumping equipment to reduce standing water levels. We may then need to flush out the affected area using pressure hoses to remove and reduce the salt content of residual moisture. Using extraction devices, we can then remove residual moisture before applying cleaning products or drying procedures to the affected area. Often, you can expect some controlled demolition to remove unrestorable wallboards and carpeting.

How can I remove water from an area with restrictive access, such as a crawlspace?

Crawlspaces are among the most likely areas of flooding when groundwater swells occur in your community. Many pumping equipment or extraction units may be too large to place inside a crawlspace. By adapting our technology using flex hosing or ducting, SERVPRO technicians may be able to reduce the standing water level to an appropriate level before sealing the crawlspace and creating ducting shafts for dehumidification.

How can I safeguard my home against potential saltwater intrusion or groundwater flooding?

    •    Install vapor barriers in the crawlspace of your home to prevent groundwaters from affecting the upper floors (encapsulation)
    •    Keep up to date with weather warnings in the local area and from the government for groundwater swelling
    •    Ensure that your insurance provider covers saltwater flooding and that your insurance documents are up to date
    •     Airbricks as well as tanking the lower levels of your home can help to prevent groundwaters from rising through the upper levels of your home
    •     Keep track of and maintain drainage systems in your home including sump pumps, gutters, and drains

How long does groundwater flooding take to fix?

Groundwater swells can last several days or weeks. This can be a challenge for restorers to manage as water continues to rise over a more extended period. In effect, it may be necessary to remove standing water from the home continually. SERVPRO can assist you by temporarily sealing your property to prevent groundwaters from reaching upper levels. We can also return daily to the site to perform the extraction. Once groundwater swelling has subsided, our team can work with you to bring your oceanside property back to its original condition.

Valuable oceanside properties can be at a particular risk of harm from saltwater intrusion into aquifers. These situations can sometimes lead to groundwater flooding or contaminated water supply. If you suspect damage, contact SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island at (239) 302-5700 immediately.

Disposing of Wastewater during Emergency Flood Damage Restoration in Naples

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Flood water in livingroom You need the professionals by your side when your home is hit with flood damage. Call SERVPRO at (239) 302-5700.

SERVPRO Understands the Importance Of Proper Disposal of Wastewater After Flooding Takes Place in Your Naples Property

Flood Damage Naples

While pumping water out of a flooded property is a no-brainer, the issue of where to dispose of floodwaters can be a prescient one. Floodwaters, by nature, contain contamination levels. These contamination levels can occur by picking up debris, mud, or herbicides en route to your property in the form of a flash flood. Alternatively, road overflow may lead to the presence of raw sewage in the water intrusion. It is vital that when disposing of water, it is done correctly, legally, and responsibly. 

We are an emergency restorer for flood damage operating here in Naples. Our responsible technicians are trained at the nationally recognized institute of inspection, cleaning, and restoration certifications facility. From there, they pick up experience working in domestic and commercial flood situations performing vital emergency services. On any given job site, a SERVPRO large loss recovery team may include water restoration technicians (WRT) Applied Structural Drying Technicians (ASD) as well as a 30-hour general construction industry training program (OSHA), technicians. 

Pumping water out of a flooded structure is essential to mitigating loss and allowing SERVPRO to conduct a thorough inspection. If road overflow causes flooding, there may be significant amounts of sewage present in basements or crawl spaces. We can enlist subcontractors on your behalf to bring a septic tank pump truck to the site and allow us to pump out sewer waters safely. The disposal of wastewaters during restoration is governed by strict criteria and subject to local or federal regulations. 

Two of the most common methods of water disposal are by using a sanitary sewer system or an open sewer point on site, such as a toilet. Using elongated hoses, our team can direct water from your property to a sanitary sewer system. If we are using portable extraction units, disposal of wastewaters can conveniently be completed on site. SERVPRO promises to thoroughly clean and disinfect any onsite plumbing that is used during an emergency procedure. If neither of the above two methods is applicable, we can bring large wastewater storage trucks to contain moisture until it can be disposed of properly. 

Use environmentally responsible restorers for your home emergency. Contact SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island at (239) 302-5700.

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Our Rapid Response Team Is Available 24/7 In Naples After A Flood

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One of our trailers mounted with a portable generator in a parking lot We have a trailer mounted portable generator that our team uses when you are experiencing power outages. We are 24/7 to assist you with any damage.

Securing and Restoring your Naples home from Storm and Flood Damage

Storm and Flood Damage Naples

Hurricanes and the resulting flooding can put an extreme amount of stress and pressure on areas like Naples. Residents often find that their homes suffer significant damages from a wide variety of sources. Airborne debris and high winds can easily dislodge roof-tiles, break windows, and harm doors. The following rainfall can quickly lead to flooding throughout both the upper and lower levels of the home. Sometimes damaged roof-tiles can lead to water building upon higher levels before eventually collapsing into the below stories.

It is not uncommon for homeowners to temporarily evacuate their homes as a result of storm and flood damage here in Naples. Relocating can build anxiety as we often feel that our homes are exposed to both adverse weather conditions as well as unlawful entry and looting. While standing water levels in the property cause the most immediate concern, there may also be a significant risk of water damage affecting both the exterior and interior of your home's structure. Our storm emergency team at SERVPRO is here to help guide your home back to its preloss condition.

Flood damage waters are typically high in contamination levels as they can pick up all sorts of debris and pathogens before entering the home. Rising water levels in the neighborhood can result in staining of the outer walls of your property. SERVPRO water restoration technicians (WRT) can apply hand-held or machine led pressure pumps to clean the exterior of your home from staining or discoloration. When arriving on-site, our technicians can also perform vital security tasks like emergency board-ups to prevent unlawful entry during the days or weeks of restoration.

Often, interior walls may become marked by standing water levels long after pumping out the contaminated water. These signs of degradation are also harmful to the home environment and may contain bacteria or viruses. SERVPRO technicians can demolish contaminated drywall up to two feet above the standing water level and remove it entirely from the property. By replacing the porous, contaminated materials with clean drywall, we can ensure that there are no lasting health concerns in the home after a storm or flood.

Our rapid response services are available to the community in weather-related emergencies. Contact SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island at (239) 302-5700.

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Our Experts Bring Industry Leading Equipment With Them To Your Naple's Water Damage Disaster

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A floor mat drying system removing moisture in the floor of this home Our technicians employed a floor mat drying system to remove the moisture that had been trapped between the wood planks in this home.

Removing Floodwater from Naples Crawlspaces with Electric Pumps

Pumps create a fast and continuous removal of standing water in Naples homes, but choosing the right unit is not always straightforward. In most cases, our SERVPRO professionals can benefit from the use of electric submersible pumps. Other options are ideal when there are more considerable distances to push water out, several feet of standing water, or where solids might be present in the water getting extracted.

Any of these possibilities could exist with flood damage in Naples homes. High-pressure pump options can help when lower levels like parking garages must get pumped out. However, for a household, portable electric pumps present the capabilities of removing 3000 gallons of floodwater over an hour on average. For higher horsepower units, these 50 gallons per minute could increase. Because of the need to get as much of the water up as we can from the time we are first alerted to a disaster, we can position multiple extractors where necessary. ‘

Electric pumps are ideal for limited power supplies or where electric service has gotten severed following widespread community flooding. Not only can these units operate continuously at a manageable power consumption, but they also require limited use of portable or trailered generators. This solution can be more beneficial than operating gas-powered trash pumps inside the residence, where exhaust becomes an additional obstacle to overcome.

Our SERVPRO professionals also utilize electric pumps for the longer discharge hose and steady primed draw of water that they provide to flood damaged residences. We can use the lead hose to reach bathtubs, sinks, floor drains, and even the sewer system cleanout. Once the water levels get below a 2-inch depth, we can shift to the use of wet vacuums with carpet wands.

Flooding can be a challenging situation, even when you reach out to our SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island team right away. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster, and we have the experience and industry-leading equipment to help however you need. Give us a call anytime at (239) 302-5700.

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We Are Ready To Manage Your Marco Island Flood Damage

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Our drying and moisture removal equipment set up in a room of a home Demolition was followed up with intense drying and moisture removal using our top of the line equipment after flood damage hit this home.

Hurricane Season Is Not the Only Time Flood Damage Can Affect Homes in Marco Island

As the hurricane and tropical storm season heads into its last days, residents of Marco Island need to remain vigilant. Although flooding is always in the news and a concern for homeowners June through November, circumstances can present that permit flood waters to intrude every day of the year. Fortunately for our customers, we offer flood mitigation and remediation services year-round.

Both External and Internal Events Can Cause Flooding

Although the heavy rains and high winds seen during hurricane season can lead to flood damage in Marcos Island, less severe weather can expose your home to harm as well. If your roof’s drainage system is clogged or drain spouts are improperly attached, even routine rain showers can force water into your home, causing flooding. Roots growing inside your sewer line or a major break in a municipal water main or waste line can send significantly contaminated water into your home.

We Handle Flood Damage Stemming from Any Cause

Regardless of the reason behind the flood damage, SERVPRO has trained technicians and commercial-grade equipment ready 24/7 to remove water and complete structural drying. We are familiar with the challenges of contaminated water, an issue in nearly every flooding scenario. You do not need to fret concerning pathogens found in flood water on our watch. We contain and then properly dispose of the dirty water following local hazardous waste regulations. Surfaces and areas that came in contact with the flood water receive antimicrobial treatment with EPA-registered products to ensure no dangerous residual viruses, bacteria, fungi, or other microbes remain active.

Airborne Contaminants During Flooding

The focus during flood damage scenarios is understandably on the water and its need for removal. As the waters stir during pumping and extracting, contaminants can become airborne.
SERVPRO crews combat this complication by employing negative pressure air scrubbing technology. Strong suction pulls the contaminated air through HEPA filters, trapping the tiny particles and venting the air to the outside. It is particularly important to reduce the airborne presence of microbial agents before and during structural drying. The powerful air movers used during drying otherwise could significantly disperse contaminants.

SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island is ready to help you manage flood damage from any source year-round. Call us at (239) 302-5700 to schedule an assessment and begin the flood damage mitigation and remediation.

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The Secrets of Successful Storm Damage Remediation In Marco Island

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If your home suffers a flood there are many other issues you need to take care of. Call the professionals at SERVPRO for remediation assistance.

Marco Island Condo is Underwater

The view from your Marco Island condo is incredible. The crystalline waters, along with the tropical landscape, make your morning coffee at your lanai taste like heaven. Your large windows allow you to enjoy this view from virtually every corner of the condo, and life in Florida is just as you imagined. However, storms are part of our daily life here on the Gulf Coast, and we need to be prepared for them. Even when a gust of wind is not part of a tropical depression or hurricane, it can certainly cause damage and wreak some havoc. It only takes a fallen tree or random flying object to smash into one of your windows and allow the storm to flood your bedroom or living room. 

Call a professional team as soon as possible if your condo in Marco Island has flood damage. SERVPRO is available 24/7 and we jump into action upon receiving your call. As you wait for our arrival, try to move your belongings to an area unaffected by the water and, if possible, attempt to soak up as much as possible, so it does not penetrate your floors and furniture. When our SERVPRO crew arrives, we first ensure the safety of the area and section off as much of it as possible with the use of plastic sheeting and other tools. This separation protects other parts of your condo from the proliferation of bacteria, which can eventually result in mold. As we work on extracting the water with wet/dry vacuums, handheld extractors, dehumidifiers, and other industry-grade equipment, we pay close attention to any pieces of furniture or carpeting that need to be removed from your home. Since floodwaters can carry debris and other contamination, it may be best to dispose of some items for your protection. Our SERVPRO team takes charge of the disposal following environmental guidelines as appropriate. 

SERVPRO of Naples/Marco Island is here to help. Call us at (239) 302-5700, so we can protect your home from the storm. In the end, we want your condo to look, “Like it never even happened.” 

Click here to see more about Marco Island. 

Let SERVPRO Fix Your Fire Damage Even When You are Not Home

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Don’t come home to a mess! Sit back and relax SERVPRO has your back.

SERVPRO will keep your dream alive, while your gone.

Owning a home in Naples can feel like a dream come true. It’s beautiful beaches, dining options, and overall quality of life is a welcome change of pace, particularly for homeowners who hail from colder parts of the country. Many communities make home ownership very easy, including keeping up the landscaping and care of common areas. However, even your beautiful home in Naples can be the victim of fire damage and leave you in need of a professional team to handle the restoration of your home.

When there is fire damage in your Naples home, SERVPRO is here to help. Even when you are at a distance, you can reach our team through the 24/7 hotline and allow us to assess the damage to return your home to its original condition. Our technicians are credentialed by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and ready to handle even the toughest situations. Whether the damage to your home started in your property or a neighboring unit, we can make a targeted restoration action plan to mitigate your losses.

Our SERVPRO technicians pay close attention to the composition of each surface that burned and takes action as appropriate. Natural materials such as wood leave behind a fine dust-like residue, while manmade materials leave a sticker residue that requires specialized solutions and techniques to remove it from your home. As we restore your home, we document our progress so you may refer to it should an insurance claim require it.

Perhaps one of the most annoying consequences of a fire in your home is the smell it leaves behind. In Florida, where we rely heavily on-air conditioning, your home can feel like the smell of smoke has permeated even the inside of the walls. To eradicate this effect, our SERVPRO crew has at its disposal a wide array of odor removal tools.

SERVPRO of Naples/Marco Island is your professional adviser even when you are away. Call us at (239) 302-5700 and let us leave your home “Like it never even happened.”

If you are interested in more about Naples, click here.

The Definitive Guide to Success With Naples Flood Damage Remediation

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Flooding can affect both the structure and contents of your home. Contact SERVPRO immediately for water removal plus flood damage remediation.

Restoring over Replacing Structural Contents in Flood Damage Homes across Naples

There is a difference between structural contents and personal contents in the home. When large amounts of water enter as a result of flooding the removal of personal contents should be taken care of quickly, placing them in an unaffected area to avoid damages caused by prolonged exposure to moisture. Structural contents, however, are often fixed and more difficult to remove. We have a set of protocols to help restore these items to mitigate losses caused by flooding.

When we arrive on site to repair flood damage in Naples properties one of the first actions is to assess contents. Your SERVPRO technician has the correct protective equipment for dealing with flood water and can take care of removing items on your behalf. Items like cabinets and wallpaper are more likely to sustain damages because they cannot be removed from the site.

There are lots of elements to consider when drying the walls behind cabinets as well as the cabinets themselves. Generally speaking, cabinets without a back are more receptive to drying techniques, but both can be remediated effectively with the right techniques. Using a hole saw, your SERVPRO technician can create an airflow into the cabinet. In circumstances where much moisture is detected, we can use these holes to attach injectidry systems or rapid air movers to reduce drying time.

The space between the base of a fitting and the floor is referred to as the toe kick. These areas can become a hotbed of microbial activity if water enters. We can remove the base of the cabinet and apply an air current into this gap to thoroughly dry it from inside out. As an extra precaution, SERVPRO can apply Biocides to prevent mold from growing after service.

Wallpapers are equally susceptible to moisture, and their vinyl constitution can create a vapor barrier that makes drying the wall behind difficult. Dehumidifiers tend to be ineffective due to this barrier so it may be necessary to remove and replace wallpaper. If this is not possible, or desirable, we can drill holes into the wall cavity and dry from the interior side.

Restoring your structural contents to preloss conditions is what we specialize in, contact SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island (239) 302-5700.

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How SERVPRO Restores Water Damage in Naples

3/5/2019 (Permalink)

Water damage is no match for SERVPRO.

What to do When There is Flood Damage to Your Home in Naples and You are Away

Living in Naples can be a dream come true. With its beautiful beaches and warm sunshine, it is a delightful place to escape from the rush of a hectic life. It is hard to imagine that such a beautiful place could ever be affected by any disaster, yet hurricanes and storms are a real threat to this area. When excess water causes flood damage to your home, make sure to reach out to the experts in remediation. 

SERVPRO is ready to be your ally whenever there is flood damage to your home in Naples. Even if you are away and need our expert team, we are available 24/7 to answer your call. Our Green Fleet is quick to arrive at your home and make an initial assessment of what needs are present, all while safeguarding your home and its contents. 

The primary concern of our SERVPRO technicians is to extract the water from the premises as soon as possible. The longer your belongings are underwater, the more widespread the damage can be, which is why we bring in industrial-grade equipment as well as more targeted devices to return moisture levels to their appropriate reading. Once we achieve this goal, we proceed to dry the property with the help of air movers, dehumidifiers and other techniques to accelerate the evaporation of water. 

A common byproduct of standing water is the proliferation of mold. Our SERVPRO team is trained to identify the presence of bacteria and apply all necessary measures to eliminate it and prevent any further growth. Under this same premise, most porous materials such as carpets and upholstery, are removed from the home. Removal is necessary due to the black water characteristic of flooding, which can carry harmful bacteria and unwanted organisms. To safeguard your health, we carefully remove any compromised surfaces from the home and dispose of them. 

Once the job is complete, we reassess the damage and verify the disinfection of the property, and that moisture levels are back to normal. If there is a need for further repairs, we help coordinate with you, so the property is ready for the contractor promptly. Our goal is to leave it “Like it never even happened.” 

We hope flood damage is never a factor to your home in Naples but, if it is, SERVPRO of Naples/Marco Island is ready to help. Just call us at (239) 302-5700 and our team is happy to assist in returning your home to mint condition.

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How SERVPRO Can Help You Sort Belongings After A Flood Has Hit Your Marco Island Home

12/12/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician restoring a damaged item after a storm has hit a Marco Island home.

What To Save Or Throw Away After A Flood Damage

Massive storms, heavy rains, and hurricanes can happen without any warning, which can lead to a massive amount of water flooding into your home. Unlike regular water, flood water originates from the sewage which is filled with microorganisms, fungi, bacteria, and other toxins. With flood water, you want to get rid of it immediately before it can cause further damage. The worst part is seeing all your personal belongings destroyed by flood damage. It is heartbreaking, and you might get tempted to keep everything, but that’s not a good idea.

Flood damage in Marco Island location can be very devastating. The important thing is to know what you should keep or discard to avoid further problems. The first thing is to check out the appliances. Appliances like stoves, refrigerators, and washing machines could be restored by a water restoration specialist. However, porous material such as carpets can be easily contaminated, so they should be discarded. As for items that you can save, you can keep non-porous materials such as ceramic, glass, plastic, or metal. You should clean them before bringing them to your new place.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to know what to keep, and what to discard. Luckily, the SERVPRO water restoration specialist can come into your home and inspect the area. They can help you restore damaged items and package belongings that are safe to keep. They can try to fix your appliances or other belongings to the best of their abilities. If you are unsure, the SERVPRO specialist can help you. They can also utilize special tools and equipment to extract flood water to prevent further damage. After your home is thoroughly dry, the water experts can walk you through your site to ensure that you are satisfied with the results.

If you are interested in restoring your home after flood damage, then give SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island a call at (239) 302-5700, and we can promptly send a water restoration specialist to your site.

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Homes With Flood Damage In Marco Island Require Qualified Technicians To Become Livable Again

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Marco Island homeowners who find their homes inundated with flood damage need professional guidance and skilled workers.

Flood Damage Requires Qualified Technicians

When lakes and rivers overflow their natural boundaries or when tropical storms hit Marco Island, we often have some forewarning. Sometimes, though, invasive water only affects our immediate area and does so without any expectation of such an impending occurrence.

Marco Island homeowners who find their homes inundated with flood damage need professional guidance and skilled workers. These individuals can help a family experience less stress by explaining the facets of flood damage mitigation. This can include an initial damages amount, an estimated timeline of events involving the family home, assistance retrieving necessary documents and other items from inside the house, and a list of contact numbers to agencies and other entities who assist residents after a disaster.

Flooding can initially pose severe and immediate risks, but after the waters recede and a home's floor becomes visible again, many people assume the danger has passed. However, this is not always true. Our technicians receive IICRC certificates and know that many times a house's interior only seems stable.

Flooding can cause intense structural shifts that leave a house in an almost flimsy condition. Many sections may seem stable when they pose a high risk of potential danger. We work with building inspectors and other professionals to ensure that your house remains safe at all stages, and that unsafe sections receive either reinforcing or other suitable safety measures to protect our workers and any other individuals present in that location.

Our technicians handle all stages of mitigation after flood damage, including disposal of shattered glass and other broken materials, removal of sodden materials (drywall and flooring), drying out and sanitation of all surfaces. Air quality and odor control also affect your family upon moving back in, and these crucial aspects of your residence receive the attention they deserve. Simply cutting away wet materials and using a few fans do not restore your home adequately after flood damage. SERVPRO technicians are here for you from start to finish, making your home “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island has technicians always ready to respond to homeowners in Miles City and Fakahatchee when flood damage keeps them from living in their own home. Contact us by calling (239) 302-5700, which is our emergency services line – always staffed and answered, meaning you receive immediate assistance when you need it most.

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We Provide Flood Damage Services in Marco Island

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Flooding after a storm can bring many things into your home besides water. Contact SERVPRO right away to remediate.

Quick Drying Actions By Our Certified SERVPRO Techs can Help to Dry Out Your Flooded Property

For many homeowners in Florida, flood damage can become a terrifying reality at any moment. Storms often occur in the region and can cause water to enter your home. Water from a heavy rainstorm can move rather rapidly and may flood your living room or entire lower level in a matter of minutes. When the storm is over, there could be significant damage that requires professional help. Luckily, we are nearby to assist homeowners with water removal and have trained technicians that can restore the property.
Our SERVPRO flood damage techs in Marco Island can restore your home and help reduce damages. Strong storm waters can bring various potentially harmful elements into your residence. Sewage, black water, and toxic chemicals can contaminate the structure. Flood waters are exceptionally unsafe, which is why you should call professionals, like us, who has the expertise to handle these types of situations. Our skilled technicians have access to the proper safety equipment to deal with water emergencies.
The team uses advanced equipment to promptly and quickly remove flood water from the structure. Our techs can employ several pieces of industrial equipment to eliminate water from the affected areas such as vacuums, portable or truck-mounted extractors, and pumps. Removing all moisture is an essential phase of our flood damage services due to possible mold growth, which can cause health effects.
Once our experts extract all excess water, they begin the drying stage. Generally, the crew uses air movers, axial fans, and dehumidification equipment to dry the structure entirely. Employing this powerful and industrial equipment helps speed up the drying process and helps remove water from your home quickly. Our techs may also utilize probes and moisture meters to detect and remove hidden moisture from the affected areas such as from under flooring and from behind walls.
Floods can be a monumental event for homeowners in this region, which is why calling SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island at (239) 302-5700 makes good sense. We are close by and work fast to restore your residence to its preloss condition whenever possible.

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Flood And Water Damage Repairs For Miles City Homes

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Water damage to Miles City homes can come from many sources.

Flood And Water Damage Repairs

Water damage to Miles City homes can come from many sources. Hurricanes and other storms can drop incredible amounts of rain in a few hours while plumbing problems can leak smaller amounts over several days or more.

That means Miles City flood and water damage can happen anywhere in the home. Damage to floors and roofs is common, but many homeowners do not realize how quickly water can cause many of the same problems in walls. SERVPRO restoration teams can stop the damage from increasing and remediate the affected areas to prevent damage in the future.

Drywall absorbs floodwater quickly, and the damage continues until there is no water left, or the panel begins to crumble from the weight of the absorbed water. Simply removing standing water may not be enough either. If the water is inside the wall cavity, homeowners and most restoration companies may completely miss it until the drywall starts crumbling.

That is why our teams use moisture meters to check for too much water in the material and the surrounding environment. If the levels show as too high, a SERVPRO technician then carefully removes baseboards and molding and determines if the panels are restorable or if they need replacement.

In many cases, it is cheaper to remove and replace drywall, but the space behind the wall still needs to dry completely to prevent damage like wet insulation, mold growth, and wood rot of the wall framing and other support structures. If it is possible to restore the panels, our teams use ventilation to dry them.

Technicians start by drilling holes into the drywall near the floor where they removed the baseboards. Team members then use air movers to force warm, dry air into the wall spaces at one end to increase evaporation and force the cool, damp air inside out of the other end.

Restoring a home after flooding or other water damage is not a simple task, but SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island has the experience, training, and equipment to for every type of water damage effect. If you need our services to help you return to a safe, dry home, call us today at (239) 302-5700.

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Protecting Personal Belongings in a Flood Damaged Home in Naples

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If your home is affected by storm damage, call on the professionals at SERVPRO for thorough flood damage restoration.

SERVPRO’s Highly Trained Technicians Restore Your Home after Flood Damage to Its Pre-Loss Conditon

Weather sometimes refuses to play nice and keep our days sunny and mild, even in beautiful Naples. At times, this can affect the interior of our homes, ruining crucial structures and threatening to do the same to your family's belongings. Placing your belongings at higher levels of your home suffices for only a short while because elevated humidity levels in the air can still reach these 'protected' items.

Naples residents coping with flood damage also need to protect any as-of-yet undamaged belongings, so they remain undamaged. We can help with this task as well as the other aspects of recovering from a flooding disaster. While removing the standing water from your flooded home remains a primary step, inventorying and boxing up items can reduce overall losses. Restoring damaged items almost always costs more than protecting those same items, and replacing them costs even more money.

Our IICRC certified employees work as teams at each job and know each other well, relying on their co-workers skills and strengths makes our company even stronger as a whole. This benefits the families and businesses we serve in many ways. We combine our skills and experience with creativity to resolve the situation at hand as quickly as possible. Flood damage poses many problems for the homeowner, including both immediate concerns and long-term risks. One of these involves the increased humidity that can damage higher levels of your home.

We can remove the belongings located there, either normally or for their protection from the floodwaters, which helps protect them significantly and take them to our storage facility. Not only can these items stay safe from damage caused by the moisture in the air, but once removed, they no longer pose hazardous conditions as we work, nor can they retain any of the moisture that we need to remove. Until we remove the humidity affecting your home's interior environment, anything in your home can become affected.

We use different machines to dry out your residence, including areas where you cannot see. This includes using our Injectidry equipment to forcefully direct air inside the walls and below your floors. Our technicians can repair your hardwood, tile, linoleum, or marble floors, so they look "Like it never even happened." We can also remove damaged drywall and after reinstallation, repaint, leaving your home with a crisp and clean look and beautiful ambiance.

SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island knows how devastating flood damage can affect families in Paolita Station and Fakahatchee. Because flooding can happen at any time, our service line, (239) 302-5700, stays available all day and night, year-round. Call us for both large and small flooding events so we can help you protect your home and your belongings.

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What You Should Do When Your Marco Island Home Sustains Flood Damage

4/10/2018 (Permalink)

Not All Florida Residents in Marco Island Enjoy Storms and Flooding--Call SERVPRO for Water Removal

Storm Water Removal Is Crucial to Mitigating Damages--Call SERVPRO Fast

Unfortunately, one of the realities of living in Florida means that flood damage can become a real possibility during the stormy season. Small hurricanes and other similar storms can bring extreme wind and heavy rain into your home with the help of the debris that they can carry. The storms can push flooding water into your house at a quick rate and, when the storm clears, you might need help removing the water from your property. Luckily, there is professional help nearby to assist with the water removal and remediating the damage left behind.

Aggressive storms can carry all sorts of things with their waters into your Marco Island residence and can cause flood damage. Because of their destructive nature, they can bring black water into your home that contains dangerous chemicals and sewage. Black water is not safe for human exposure without the correct safety equipment, so it is best not to try and handle it for yourself. If this contaminated water soaks into specific belongings, such as carpets, they must be thrown away. Fortunately, our technicians can sort through what is safe to keep and what should go, making the job simpler for you.
SERVPRO uses advanced technology to remove the stagnant floodwaters from your home. Our technicians most commonly use powerful wet/dry vacuums and portable pumps to remove the water swiftly. The quicker the water removal process happens, the better it is for the structure and longevity of your home. For extensive water intrusions, we can supply portable generators, truck-mounted powerful pumps and portable sump pumps when the water level is over 2 inches high.
Once the water removal and clean up have happened, all that is left for SERVPRO to do is make sure that your home is dry. Our technicians can use moisture meters to detect moisture levels in your home and address impacted areas. We use a combination of tools to dry out your home, including industrial-quality dehumidifiers that create an environment that encourages evaporation, condensation, and evacuation of the airborne moisture thus mitigating more quickly water damage.
 When your home suffers flood damage, do not wait. Call

SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island at (239) 302-5700. Day or night, we can take your call and send our technicians to your home as swiftly as possible.

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How Flood Damage Can Reach Your Home in Old Marco Junction

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Old Marco Junction Homeowners Use SERVPRO for Storm Water Removal

Storm Water Intrusion into Homes and Condos Get Help from SERVPRO

Even if you safeguard your home against the effects of severe weather, it is still entirely possible for an accident to happen and for the structure to suffer from flood damage or worse in Old Marco Junction. Disasters happen, and when you are left in the lurch, a call to SERVPRO can help to get you back on your feet with as little time, energy, and money spent as possible. If your home suffers damage similar to these situations in a storm, call us as quickly as possible to make our services as effective as they can be.

Large-Scale Flooding
Some storms may spiral out of control enough to cause flood damage across Old Marco Junction. In these cases, we recommend contacting SERVPRO as soon as possible to make sure that you receive care quickly. When a heavy flood hits your home, doors and other openings can rarely fight against the raging waters, and most homes end up a soggy, stained mess. Do not worry, though: we prepare extensively for these situations and can tackle even the hardest jobs.
Broken Windows
Windows can sometimes break easily in a storm, as high winds or blown-around objects crash into them and shatter the glass. In addition to creating a safety hazard, this provides a portal into your home for rainwater, debris, and other damaging factors. While flood damage incurred in this way is typically light, you should still prioritize help-seeking to prevent mold and other harmful factors from coming into play in the first place.

Ruined Roofing
Some types of roofing, such as shingles and tiles, may have an elevated risk of full or partial destruction during a major storm. It is wise to have wind-storm coverage for the Gulf Coast of Florida. We may be able to close small openings to prevent the wind and rain from entering through your roof. Though we are not roofers, we can try to mitigate damages.
SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island is at the ready after every hurricane and natural disaster to provide storm and flood damage relief to the local area. Call us at (239) 302-5700.

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Fallen Trees Can Allow Flooding of Your Naples House

12/29/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO's covers holes in your roof and walls to prevent further water damage and flooding to your home.

SERVPRO Helps Prevent Further Damage after a Storm Causes a Tree Fall on Your Home

Naples might be hit and miss when it comes to torrential storms throughout the year, but when the weather is at its worst, it could spell many damages to your home. The most likely of these occurrences in a severe storm is a tree branch, or an entire tree even, falling into your home and significantly damaging it. While you are likely significantly unprepared for such a calamity, it is possible that this could be just the beginning of the sour news.

When a tree has broken through your home, either on its side or through the roof, your entire house becomes vulnerable to the elements present outside. If you are only just in the middle of a series of significant storms passing through the area, this unfortunate incident could even result in flood damage to your Naples residence. The best thing that you can do is to contact professionals that can help you clean up the mess and prevent further water penetration of your home until the problem gets repaired.

When you contact SERVPRO for the first time, you are going to speak to a live person who is going to get credible information about the problem that you are having. We send someone out to your house from our decorated team of professionals and assess the damage to your house from the fallen limbs or tree. Our techs then begin putting together a plan that allows us to either prepare the area for reconstruction efforts or to repair the damages ourselves, provided that it is not in need of substantial work that falls out of the scope of our usual duties and responsibilities.

If you are already in the midst of dealing with flood damage as a result of the hole left by the fallen tree, this is something that our SERVPRO team is well equipped to handle as well. The name of the game here is to prevent more water from getting into the house from the damage that has occurred and to keep the water that is already present from spreading to other areas/floors of your home before it gets eliminated. This preventative measure usually involves the removal of the downed tree or its limbs. Additionally, tarps or wood are installed to cover the hole as a temporary measure against further water damage while the proper repair gets underway.

All in all, the SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island team is well equipped to handle any restoration emergency that you might have quickly and professionally. Do not hesitate to give us a call anytime at (239) 302-5700.

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Irma’s Hurricane Damage To Personal Property In Naples

11/1/2017 (Permalink)

Naples Deals with Hurricane Irma with Water Removal Help and Cleanup from SERVPRO

Flood Damaged Possessions in the Naples Area Get Restored with SERVPRO's Help

Hurricane season motivates residents of Naples to make protective decisions as they maintain and upgrade their homes. Newer construction in Florida anticipates the damage hurricanes can do and may help houses retain stability throughout the storm. Flooding still is a risk, and we help remediate damage to personal property even within a hurricane-ready structure.
Individuals and families do what they can to ready homes and outside structures to withstand two types of hurricane damage in Naples -- high winds and driving rains. If they succeed with these threats, the fight is not complete as flooding and seepage from storm surge and rain runoff intrudes, and your home’s contents suffer water damage. Our crews are ready to provide strategies that dry out a variety of articles saturated by the sheer amount of water in the area after a hurricane.
Although a sturdy and standing structure is excellent news post-hurricane, pictures of residential neighborhoods and condos swamped with feet of standing water obliterating lawns, sidewalks, and driveways illustrate that hurricane damage is not limited to sheared off roofs and shattered walls. SERVPRO’s reputation is built on our quick response to interior damage like soaked carpeting, swelling hardwood floors, and furnishings. If your home looks untouched from the outside, but you struggle with wet documents, pictures, clothing, and more, we are on duty.
The flood water needs extraction, and SERVPRO accomplishes this using our vehicle mounted equipment. Contamination is common, and our crews receive ongoing training on the restoration industry’s best-practice response to water tainted with everything from salt water to human and animal waste. Gray and black water are contained and disposed of off-site following local codes. The water soaking through hardwood and subfloors is vacuumed up by professional grade tools, and remaining fluid is pulled out using high-efficiency drying mats.
SERVPRO technicians use extractors to remove moisture from carpeting, often removing the padding and replacing it to hasten the process and avoid re-wetting the fibers with inadequately dried pads. Air movers and dehumidifiers reduce moisture levels further as guided by periodic humidity measurements made by our workers.
We inventory and help you sort through boxes of irreplaceable papers and heirlooms saturated with hurricane-caused flood waters. SERVPRO works with other firms and may have the capacity, specializing in a freeze-drying process that stops water’s destructive force with ultra-low temperatures and then uses a high-pressure process called lyophilization to remove vapor from objects without the water returning to a liquid state.
SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island handles all aspects of hurricane damage restoration. Make the call to (239) 302-5700 that leads to a resolution of your post-storm problems.

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Reduce Losses Due to Flood Damage in Your Naples Area Home Today

6/18/2017 (Permalink)

Don't let a small water leak turn into a full flooding scenario. For any type of water damage or flooding, call SERVPRO quickly to remediate.

SERVPRO Technicians are Extremely Skilled at Finding the Source of the Water Damage on Your Property

Accidents happen, even if you take all of the right precautions to protect your family, some incidents are just out of your control. Something as small as a 1/8th – inch crack in a plumbing line in your ceiling, can produce massive damage in your home.
This type of problem can occur in any home, anytime, anywhere. Leaving your Naples area property susceptible to flood damage, regardless of what you might do to avoid it. Making obtaining the right insurance coverage and having an ongoing relationship with a local restoration company that you can count on during an emergency, crucial.  
SERVPRO technicians understand how massive amounts of pressure push water to various amenities found in your home. The kitchen sink, shower, toilet, and other plumbing fixtures found throughout, all cause potential problems to exist. If that is not enough, most homes also have ice makers, dishwashers, washing machines, and water heaters that can also lead to water issues.
At SERVPRO, we have experienced incidents that involve small cracks in a pipe sending hundreds, if not thousands of gallons of water into a home within a matter of minutes. Meaning that you have no warning, no stains, drips, or surface moisture until it is too late. An incident like this can come crashing through your ceiling, surge up through your floor, or come bursting out of your walls.
Flood damage like this causes damage to insulation, drywall, carpeting or flooring, cabinetry, furniture, personal belongings and more. Having someone like SERVPRO on your side gives you access to expertly trained technicians that know how to perform the replacement, repairs, and restoration services necessary to recover the contents of your home and return your property to a quality condition.
Get the help you deserve, from professionals you can trust to take the lead in your home restoration. Someone who reduces the negative impact an incident like this can have on your family, that respects your property like it was their own, and makes every effort to get things back to normal as quickly and efficiently as possible.
SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island has IICRC certified technicians, several years of experience producing fantastic results for our customers, and access to all of the latest techniques and methods to help limit any losses you experience. Call today. (239) 302-5700

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Receiving Flood Damage Restoration Services Prevents Major Losses In Your Naples Home

5/22/2017 (Permalink)

Furniture affected by flooding often experiences mold growth, splitting, deformation of wood members, or failure of glue joints.

SERVPRO Can Provide The Flood Damage Restoration Service You Need

Receiving the correct handling and emergency treatment for water-soaked furniture or other wooden objects found on your property after a flood can mean the difference between losing everything and preventing major loss.

Flood damage on your Naples area property can result from natural disasters, broken pipes, leaky roofs, or even be caused by firefighters quelling a fire. Regardless of the cause, each item found in your home requires timely, accurate attention to limit damages that may occur.

Furniture affected by flooding often experiences mold growth, splitting, deformation of wood members, lifting of veneers, ruined finishes, or failure of glue joints. SERVPRO technicians understand the effects water has on your furniture and personal belongings and make every effort to mitigate any losses you experience.

Many water-soaked items become susceptible to handling damage making it necessary to think before attempting removal. SERVPRO technicians make on-the-spot decisions concerning moving many furniture items discovered in your home. If moving your furniture would cause additional damage, we carefully place blocks under each corner to prevent further saturation or damage.

Depending on how long your furniture has gone before treatment, mold problems can arise that require special attention. Mold can deteriorate fabrics such as silk or wool, often making a variety of your household furniture items a natural organic food source for mold. SERVPRO places these objects in an environment where we can control ambient temperature and moisture levels, often choosing cold storage until it is possible to address each item properly.

For those items that remain in a dry, safe location on your property, we use air moving equipment to promote even air circulation around all surfaces, removing pockets of moist, stagnant air. Opening doors, lifting lids, and removing drawers can help with this process. However, it is important to prevent objects from drying too rapidly, so monitoring and making adjustments using hygrometers to adjust relative humidity throughout the area makes this process sensitive.


Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island can assist you with restoring many of your belongings you may have thought lost forever. Call to receive the services you deserve and get started with your home’s recovery today. (239) 302-5700

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